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    hallet biran

  • Eurovision contest in Israel. As Chaim would say an Ashunda. A disgrace. I saw videos of it. All the women were men, All the men were women.

    I mean Forget Europe for a minute. Look at the Contest!! IT violates the Sabbath, Shabbat, they had it on Shabbat! The music is immoral, the songs all glroify sinful behavior. And all the singers are Bull cows and used kleenex. They can’t sing BTW

    So Yeah, Misery loves company. You think we got it bad! Look at Israel!

    Keep up the good work Chaim. May G-d bless you and the children of Abraham. Shalom.

  • The Eurovision is an abomination.

  • I have to pay more taxes thanks to Trump. For the first time ever since daddy Bush replaced Reagan I am paying more taxes than I did even when Obama was in charge.

    Unless Bernie is the candidate, I wont be making the same mistake twice.

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