• Interesting, no holds barred commentary.
    Agree wholeheartedly with you on most issues.
    Marginally, on others.
    However, I do not disagree, vehemently on any covered topics


    This happened to Chaim I remember when he was on public access in Manhattan Public TV and Queens public access. Before the internet came around. QPTV would allow neo-nazis, KKK, islamic radicals, Black supremacists, An atheist jewish communist who praised 9/11, even a Bosnian terrorist who had commerical advertisements on his show. A violation of QPTV policy, and they did nothing.

    Chaim’s show was targeted for discrimination over and over again on QPTV and other public access channels in New York!
    JTF’s two shows, Real Jewish Leadership AKA Never Again and Take back America were subject to rules that only applied to them.

    They had to go to court over and over and sue QPTV to be able to Broadcast. QPTV BTW was staffed by leftists and anti-semites. most of whom were black women who supported and worshiped Hillary Clinton and Obama.

    In the end Democrat fascist Virginia fields (MMMMHMMMM!) And Hillary along with Mike Bloomberg got Chaim banned from Public access channels in New York.
    By then Chiam and JTF were on youtube and elsewhere so thanks to the internet they were all set.

    NAzi bastards! I saw Zuckerberg’s wife. Priscilla chan. She looks like a man. (HMMMMMMM… I wonder. ) At least they wont have to worry about any of them cheating. ICK! Both of them are rich, they could have anyone they want instead they have this!

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