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  • Israel’s housing problem is very similar to what’s going on in America.

    Not only is it because of interest scheming by the banks (most of which are run by liberal jew judenrat traitors) but because of the envirowhackos spendocrats and the illegal aliens.

    I came of age at a bad time. When affordable housing basically ceased to exist. You never find any apartment in the 3 or 5 hundred dollar price range anymore.

    Why? Shortage of housing, immigrant crap stealing housing, the big fat government taxing properties, enviorwhackos stopping the building of new homes.

    The only homes we have built now are luxury condos for millionaires because its the only profitable housing available or you have housing projects for filthy illegals.

    So that’s all. You either live on the street, rent a room by a samaritan for awhile or go to a rescue mission full of psychotic drunk looneys and animals. I don’t need to tell you who a lot of them are BTW Chiam.

    That’s interesting about Trump’s daddy being a klansman. I’ve heard its unsubstantiated but who cares. He white washes it.

    To top it off, little mention of the antifa animals.

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