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  • The Greeks do not give jobs to the Turks.
    Azerbaijanis do not build schools for Armenians.
    Serbs do not pay pensions to Albanians.
    Why do Jews do all this for the Arabs ?

    Separating peoples on the basis of citizenship is the most rewarding.
    Checked in the past by:
    Greeks – Turks, Hungarians – Austrians, Poles – Germans, Lithuanians – Russians, Czechs – Slovaks, Irish – British, Serbs – Croats and so on.

    It’s time to release the “occupied” and compare the rights of Arabs in Haifa and Jaffa to the rights of Jews in Ramallah and Gaza.
    Palestinian-Jordanian citizenship, Abu Dis and Shu’afat – for Arabs,
    Israeli citizenship and Jerusalem – for Jews !

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