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  • Shabbak AKA the Shin-bet. HMPH! Even the KGB isn’t as evil as they are!

    Shin-bet AKA the unseen shield!

    Yeah! Shield of the arab terrorists and the Kapo Traitors!!

    And you’re right Chaim! You’re still banned! They lied! The reason you were barred is because you had a criminal history for bombing Soviet targets and because the Knesset at the time was run by Marxists

    I read somewhere that among the people who did this to you included that one guy who almost starved to death in Siberia and left you to rot in Prison and didn’t say anything to help you. I forget his name but you did a show about him!

    Him and this other guy who was associated with Yitzak Rabin

    I think its G-d’s will also. You’re more of an asset here in America than in Israel. THINK! How could you do a show like JTF in Israel YOU COULDN’T!! BUT IN AMERICA YOU CAN!! THANKS TO THE 1ST AMENDMENT!!

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