• It would be nice if you could question religious dogma. If this truly did happen (80% of the Israeli’s died in the plague of darkness) the torah would say so.

    How is that a God of mercy to kill 80% of a people without warning when they have been enslaved for so long. And that somehow Egypt wouldn’t notice. That is laughable. They would notice after the plague.

    In all cases where God punished the Jews the torah mentions it and mentions Moses attempt to minimize the punishment. so why would this not be mentioned and not give Moses the attempt to intervene. Do you people think.

    This just shows there is nothing new under the sun with the Sinat Chinam the religious establishment has because most Jews don’t just follow hem blindly which has always been about 80%. Rather then recognize this they come up with excuses and twist the torah so they can ignore their own people many who at a certain polnt see the religious establishment that existed in the exile as irrelevant.

    It is sad to because I have even see non-Jews occasionally ask where in the torah it says this because they don’t see it anywhere. If it did happen it would make the enemies of the Jewish people happy which God didn’t want to do despite our sins. And the idea “they wouldn’t notice” has to be the most absurd thing to say. Maybe they wouldn’t notice at the time. But afterwords they would. And the torah says that God gave them light and there is nothing here about God’s hidden anger that this is some “trick”. But this is just dogma so Rabbis can continue to ignore their own people and live in a ivory tower by putting down their own people which is not the way of the Torah and the way of Moses in the slightest.

    • It’s why it happened during the plague of darkess…

      • But no where in the torah does it say this. And the torah says that while the Egyptians were suffering the Israelites weren’t. The idea the behind the scenes God killed 80% of his own people is absurd while pretending that everything was good. And how in the world would Egypt not figure this out after the plague ended that the God of Israel killed 80% of the Israelites. And which this news would spread. This claims makes no logical sense and this “Rabbinic literature” seems to have more to do with the fact that throughout the Rabbinic establishment has been very unpopular and the reason for that has nothing to do with the torah. It is true as it has always been. In Israel I think 65% celebrate Passover yet only 15% don’t have a problem with the Rabbinic establishment in Israel. This claim (that has no basis) gives the establishment to rationalize any grievances that Jews have when God himself felt 80% of Israelites didn’t even deserve to continue living and were so useless that it was done in a sneaky way.

  • That’s an excellent commentary. I love how Rabbinical commentaries give you another take and a detailed look at some of the stuff that happened.

    Well done Chaim! Keep it up!

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