• You forgot to menton that the new tariffs china is putting on will hurt consumers and hurt the economy…

    *SIGH* Master of the deal indeed… Oh Trump… I can’t imagine how he’l be worse than Biden and the DEMS.

    • Israeli are living under the yoks of their own leaders who has enlisted the media to brainwashing them into accepting life is a fairy tale in which Israel ‘s state encompass all they are.
      It isn’t difficult to guess they all work for the same group of interest which doesn’t have the public ‘s interest at heart including Trump. Those peopl who ever they are have decided the west ‘ s destruction and it’s not Netanyahu Israel that are going to change the outcome. Unless white populations suddenly woke up to react accordingly because jews won’t fight for freedom, they are like sheep going to the gaz chamber of their own will.

      • Sad but true. I am reminded… I still remember the episodes on the old shows Chaim did on Public access, the Jews in Europe, could’ve left and gone to Israel before the Holocaust, the door was opened, they had to give up 90% of their wealth but they lost it anyway. And, the door was shut on them, they didn’t leave when they had the chance and nearly all of them died.

        Its sickening.

        ANd the same rules apply now. They had better get out because if Biden or Bernie or Pete booty giggity gets into office, another holocaust will happen again. Its already starting in the EU.

        Pete Booty Giggity is an anti-semite. people like him always are. I tell you he is worse than all of them even Bernie!

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