• At the same time the self anointed religious the Orthodox were big supporters of his and coming out Lakewood had the highest support in NJ for Trump. But Kahanaism is just creating Rabbinic identity politics which has also been always been hating others which is why to them Trumps hatred doesn’t seem out of the ordinary because Rabbinic Judaism has always been about putting down competing groups. It isn’t what God wanted Israel to be. What is so disturbing isn’t even that it is like they support Trump as the lesser of two evils. It is the fact some think he is their “savior”.

    It is Judaism that was developed in the exile and too much of it is bringing hate to fellow Jews who may see things different and for a good reason.

    What is so ironic to me is Kahane was a Cohen which he wouldn’t lose if there was a Temple. Many Rabbis Synogague centric Judaism would be replaced if we have a temple so many Rabbis like the status quo because it gives them more of a role to play even though it is a role that has only to do with being in exile. That is my view and I am completely in turmoil seeing people (including I suspect most in my own family) who claim to be religious loving Trump which his behavior is the furthest thing from a God fearing person. In Israel too now Bennett (who many American Religious Israeli’s like at least in my family) thinks Trump will be good. And yet this movement supports these types of people who have been fed such a diet of hate towards others and intolerance that they see nothing wrong with Trump’s hate and division which I have to conclude is only because they themselves live in communities that are full of hate towards anyone that has a different opinion and this feeds on itself to the point where if you sound different you are suspect or look different and they think that this is normal and that is why they think Trump is ok and his daughter converted to Judaism and he talks like us with his divisions and blaming all problems on someone else because we are perfect and it is the other groups fault. That is what I have to conclude and this has got to stop and I don’t want Israel being some sort of a place for religious identity politics of certain Rabbis which continues to continue to create an environment of extreme self righteousness and hate and lack of any humility that maybe others have a a point. And again the only true service is suppose to be done by those who are the decedents of Aaron which makes them a Cohen.

  • I am a Lubavitcher and I support Ted Cruz.

    I disavow the phony Lubavitchers who overwhelmingly supported Trump.

    ““Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

    Lubavitch has become a racket.

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