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  • Will Joe Biden resign now as POTUS?

    • From the Jerusalem Post
      jpost.com an article is headlined
      “For Jews, a wrong turn into an Arab town is a death sentence”
      By MOSHE PHILLIPS Published: JULY 4, 2024

    • Fred Maroun typed online today
      “Sir Keir Starmer, Britain’s new prime minister is a rare breath of fresh air coming from the left these days. A reminder that the left can be the friend of Jews and of Israel. Decades ago, that was the standard on the left rather than the exception. Today, much of the left is openly anti-Zionist and barely conceals its antisemitism. Hopefully Starmer’s landslide election signals the beginning of a return to sanity.”
      Keir Starmer’s wife
      Victoria Starmer is Jewish
      What do Vile Jew-Haters
      Roger Waters, Jeremy Corbyn and the Ugly little Nerd Stephen Sizer have to say about that ?

    • Debbie Schlussel typed online
      July 4, 2024
      “Tonight is one of only two nights per year that tax-subsidized PBS (Palestinian Broadcasting Service) pretends to like America (to raise $$) with their July 4th concert (they also do this fakery on Memorial Day). The other 363 nights, it broadcasts America-hating, Israel-hating anti-Western programming funded by US taxes. Let’s see if the GOP finally has the guts to defund PBS & NPR. They had the chance during the Trump admin and did nothing.”

    • Anyone Remember the
      CBS sitcom
      “Living Biblically” which ran for only one season in 2018
      The show had
      -Ian Gomez as Father Gene, a liberal priest who is amused that with Chip’s plan to follow the Bible by the book but remains supportive. His full name is Eugenio Alberto Del Castillo Cabeza de Vaca.
      – David Krumholtz as Rabbi Gil Ableman, a rabbi at the local synagogue who is supportive of Chip.

      Any opinions of these characters

    • Anyone like The Smurfs
      Many people have been concerned that the villain Gargamel is Supposed to be Jewish , that
      Gargamel is an Anti-Semitic Stereotype , people have commented that Gargamel seems Jewish
      Gargamel has a evil cat named Azrael is Azrael supposed to be a distortion of ‘Israel.’ ? Is it ?
      In the recent Smurf live action films Gargamel is played by the Jewish actor Hank Azaria
      Why did Hank Azaria agree to play Gargamel ? Is he aware that many people perceive Gargamel to be Jewish , a negative anti-semitic Stereotype of Jews
      Certainly Hank Azaria already had Enough money from his other work , he didn’t have to accept the part of Gargamel , why couldn’t a
      Non-Jewish actor play

      • No. The smurfs were communists not nazis. Gargamel was a sorcerer who wanted to capture them to make powerful magic potions with their body parts including potions to extend his life. He was based on someone I don’t remember. Either based on Dean Acheson or Marshall carter possibly David Dean Rusk. I don’t remember but some anti-soviet politician/egghead/military brass.

        Papa smurf is based on Karl Marx, Brainy is based on Leon Trotsky, Hefty Smurf is supposed to be Field Marshall Zhukov or Vasilyev Zeitsev, clumsy smurf is supposed to be GL Pyatkov. The knight and his squire are based on Ernst Thallman and Julian Lahut.

        The author and inventor of Smurfs (also known as Schtrumphs) Peyo Culliford was a pinko and fellow traveller before and during ww2. He was not a member of the CCP but supported them and their “utopian” policies.

        He recanted later on though. Unfortunately, the values of Communism thrive in smurfs. Years after his death. This is an evil franchise advocating not only utopian collectivism and environmentalism but also witchcraft, voodo and occultism. According to people I know, It also advocates radical pacifism and even aspects of black revolutionaryism and reactionism as practiced by the Black Panthers and the so-called Black lives matter movement.

        Before Harry Potter, There was Smurfs. Evil lives. If I ever become President of the United States of America, first thing that happens is Harry Potter and the Smurfs and all their garbage along with all those x-rated children’s books goes they have in school go into the pyre.

        • Kyle , have you ever seen the character of
          Al J. Swindler aka
          Al G. Swindler on certain episodes of
          The Saturday Morning cartoon show
          “Garfield and Friends” 1988 to 1994 , how this Swindler character is basically a anti-semitic Stereotype
          Many people find the
          Character of
          Mr. Swindler to be a Very problematic blatant negative
          Anti-Semitic Stereotype
          Like the Ferengi on
          Star Trek
          See how Al Swindler interacts with
          Jon Arbuckle,
          Garfield the cat & Odie

        • Kyle, but many people think Gargamel is supposed to be Jewish , a Jewish sorcerer
          Did you research the character of
          Al Swindler ?

          • Yeah but there are plenty of Italians and slavs who look like that too with the nose. Remember Jimmy Durante? He was a Paisano too. Not a trace of Jewishness contrary to nazi propaganda on stormfront.

            The nose thing AKA the Jewish six is not exclusive to Jews. Arabs, West Africans, Mediteranian peoples IE: some French Italians yugoslavians Portuguese ETC have that nasal thing. And there are also Germans and Baltic people’s with hooked noses and most of them are in no way Jewish. Also some Native Americans of tribal origins in the midwest have that IE: The Cheyanne and Blackfoot.

            Its nonsensical. There are Jews in Israel who are attractive and don’t have the schnozolla problem, there are gentiles in other countries uglier than a bucket of crap with funny noses to match.

            One more thing, Al Swindler’s nose looks nothing like the so called Jewish Six which is wide and hooked. Al’s nose is long round and stubby. No.

          • Kyle , but with
            Al Swindler from
            “Garfield and Friends”
            The surname
            Swindler , does it sound like a Jewish name
            What Ethnicity would you say
            Al Swindler seems like ?
            How can we be certain
            Gargamel isn’t Jewish, a Jewish sorcerer or a
            sorcerer who happens to be Jewish

    • Naveed Anjum typed online
      July 6, 2024
      “Hatred of Jews mobilizes the movement which refuses to admit that hatred is its very driving force, not equality, not justice, certainly not love – of any people.

      “Much as West Germany and East Germany reunified at the end of the Cold War, it is well past the time to reunify Judea and Samaria with the rest of the Jewish state. Its residents are part of one culture and one people – one family. And, like families, they have a basic, if not fundamental, right to stay together.”

      – Gerard Filitti, Senior Counsel The Lawfare Project”

    • Elliot Resnick typed online
      July 6, 2024
      “I’m in favor of Israel accepting any deal that involves the release of all hostages… and then breaking the deal as soon as the hostages are safely home. Yes, dishonesty is generally immoral and bad policy, but the Arabs have lied to us (and the world) for 30 years. We can return the favor for once.”

      Arabs have lied to Israel and the World for FAR longer than 30 years
      When have the Arabs ever been honest ? When ?

    • A person typed online in
      May 2023 about Vile
      Jew-Hater , Anti-Semite
      Roger Waters
      “One can not even refer to him as mentally ill. To do so would be an extreme disservice to those who are mentally ill.”

    • Some online articles today are claiming that the Gaza Death Toll could be as High as
      186,000 , that the Death Toll in
      Gaza could exceed 186,000

    • Noor Dahri typed online today
      “No dear, it can’t be possible.

      You can’t do this, no one can remove Jews from their life.

      They can’t survive without embracing Jews in their life whether they like or not.

      You can’t live or even die without using Jews invention.

      You are still using Jews technology to write your wish which you can’t make it.

      Have fun buddy 😆”
      in response to a person named
      Lucas Gage
      @Lucas_Gage_ typing on
      X formerly Twitter
      on 7/5/24
      “I’m am removing ALL JEWS from my life. I don’t give a sh-t if they’re “innocent” or not; anymore.
      Their silence is violence
      No more Jewish doctors or Jewish friends, I can’t risk it
      If I want Jews out of power, then I first must remove them from my life and lead by example”

      Jonathan Bowen
      @BostonByBirth typed on X , formerly Twitter about Lucas Gage
      “This guy, Lucas Gage, hates the Jews. I hate black
      licorice but I don’t post about my disdain for its terrible taste on X every single day. Couldn’t the guy spare me and, you know, be anti-Semitic in private? ”
      11:05 PM · May 28, 2024

    • A website typed online this
      June 2024
      “What distinguishes antisemitism from all other hates is that so many people openly celebrate and normalize it. Pop culture memes are made of it. People are brought closer through the sharing of a common enemy. Whereas any other group on the receiving end of hate would be seen as being unfairly oppressed, the conspiracies of antisemitism make it OK and justified because the haters are “punching up”

      Here’s a test: the next time you say something callous about Jews, replace the word Jew with black, Asian, trans or LGBTQ and see if it passes the smell test. And if it doesn’t, ask yourself why you think Jews deserve and should put up with fewer human rights than everyone else?

      As you look through and before you judge all the wars Israel has had to enter (that it did not start), ask yourself what preceded it and why Israel went to war to defend itself. When you realize the underlying cause is always because they were the subject of irrational hate and chose not to be victims and stand up for themselves, you will finally understand everything there is to know about antisemitism and Zionist self determination.”

    • About “Free Speech” on
      College and University Campuses
      It is clearly illegal and Unconstitutional
      To have Speech Policies for All Other Groups of People,
      Yet Single out Jewish Students and Staff on Campus for Special Treatment
      It is illegal and Unconstitutional
      It violates Equal Treatment under the
      Law , and it Violates Title VI of the
      Civil Rights Act of 1964
      Enough of the BS
      Hypocrisy and Double Standards
      It is Not “Free Speech” when Jews are Treated Differently

    • On YouTube there is a video
      “House MD- MadTV Spoof”
      by Andrew B. January 15, 2006
      A spoof from the sketch comedy series MADtv of the
      Medical Drama TV series
      “House” aka “House, M.D.” with
      Dr. Gregory House
      Dr. Gregory House in this
      MADtv spoof says some comments that are Very
      Anti-Semitic and offensive

    • Eric Clapton is being an
      Asshole ,
      Anyone offended by
      Dave Chapelle and his
      Saturday Night Live , SNL
      Monologue from 2022
      Not only that but
      nypost.com has an article headlined
      “Cecily Strong was ‘uncomfortable’ as Stefanik in ‘SNL’ antisemitism sketch and backed out at last minute: source”
      By Sara Nathan
      Published Dec. 11, 2023 About the SNL sketch about the Congressional hearings on

    • A person typed online today
      “Watching progressives, especially progressive Jews who don’t do their homework, celebrating leftist wins in France, makes me sick.

      Whatever far right crisis you think was averted, it’s not like what will happen is gonna be any better. The far left in France is unbelievably antisemitic and is absolutely cucked to Islamists who will turn France into an Islamist hell.

      Jews need to leave France. In fact, Jews should leave all countries that reach a point where the majority of people are turning on them. And not just to save their lives.

      Every time a nation lost all its Jews, whether through banishment or because Jews decided it was no longer safe? Those places got objectively worse, not better afterwards. Losing all your Jews is an easy barometer that your country is becoming a tyrannical imploding garbage nation.

      Jews disproportionately contribute to almost every positive aspect of a society: the arts, the sciences, economic stability, tolerance of different viewpoints and freedom to express them, and multiculturalism.

      If they don’t deserve us, we should pack up our things and go somewhere better.

      If a nation decides it wants to become a Nazi Islamist Idiocracy, let it do so without us, and without the inevitable result: where we are punished for the iniquity and ineptitude of gentiles who can’t own up to their own ugliness and failures.

      Let France burn, and there’s no reason Jews should allow themselves to be the kindling.”

    • The Iranian navy frigate Sahand capsized during repairs in the southern port of Bandar Abbas, Iranian state media reported on Sunday 😆😆😆

    • gatestoneinstitute.org has an article headlined
      “The Normalization of Terrorism and Jew-Hate”
      by Robert Williams
      July 10, 2024

    • Remember the NBC sitcom
      with John Lithgow
      “3rd Rock From the Sun”
      Wikipedia says about the show
      “3rd Rock from the Sun is an American television sitcom created by Bonnie and Terry Turner, which originally aired from January 9, 1996, to May 22, 2001, on NBC. The show is about four extraterrestrials who are on an expedition to Earth, the third planet from the Sun, which they consider to be a very insignificant planet. The extraterrestrials pose as a human family to observe the behavior of human beings.”

      In one episode of this show
      The episode “Dick Like Me” the
      Solomon Family ,
      Dick, Sally, Harry & Tommy picks their Ethnic identity as “Jewish”
      After Ms. Dubcek says she assumed the Family was Jewish from their surname
      heyalma.com has an article about this headlined :
      ” ‘3rd Rock From the Sun was a
      Crypto-Jewish sitcom” by
      Annie Berke
      December 9, 2021
      Do we consider
      These Facts about
      3rd Rock From the Sun to be somewhat Anti-Semitic ?

    • jewinthecity.com has an article
      By CINDY KAPLAN on October 11, 2023 headlined
      “An Open Letter to the Social Justice Warriors Who Unapologetically Support Terrorism”

    • Barry Shaw typed online today
      “Kamala Harris does what she always does. Take a position and then, when she has taken her position, tries to level the playing field. She thinks that is being diplomatic.
      Today, she expressed her support, her sympathy, for the rabid anti-Israel anti-Semites on campus chanting for a world without Israel while threatening Jewish students from behind keffiyah-masked faces.
      She interpreted that as “showing exactly what human emotion should be” even as they chanted for the Hamas killers of Jews before adding as an afterthought, “there are things some of the protesters are saying that I absolutely reject…but we have to navigate it. I understand the emotion behind it.”
      She apparently has no idea the danger behind these protests. She misinterprets the students war chants as being a peace rally for poor Palestinians.
      She heard that as we saw a feverish encouragement for the Hamas barbarians who killed and raped thousands of Israelis in their savage jihadi impulses.
      To a Jewish student on campus, to an Israeli whose daughter was killed, raped or is a hostage still of Hamas, or whose son is fighting these barbarians somewhere in Gaza, Kamala Harris’s words are both vapously air-headed and hurtful.

      Barry Shaw,
      Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.”

    • israelnationalnews.com has an article headlined
      “Kamala Harris doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong”
      Gary Willig
      Published: July 9, 2024

  • A person typed online today
    In recently revealed text messages, three Columbia University’s administrators, lamented that Jewish students occupy a “place of privilege,” and the executive director of Columbia’s Hillel, Brian Cohen, is a “problem”, and spewed the age-old canard used against Jews, “Amazing what $$$$ can do.” And finally, in mocking sympathy, one of the trifecta of Jew haters opined, “Hard to hear the woe is me, we need to huddle at the Kraft Center,” referring to Columbia’s Jewish student center, where Hillel is housed.
    Once the anti-Semitic text-fest was exposed to the public, the university was embarrassed into suspending the participating administrators: Susan Chang-Kim, the university’s vice dean and chief administrative officer, Cristin Kromm dean of undergraduate student life, and Matthew Patashnick, an associate vice dean for student and family support,
    All three anti-Semites should have been dismissed!”
    After being exposed by HonestReporting, as having close ties to Hamas, CNN announced Wednesday that it would no longer use a Gaza freelancer, Abdel Qader Sabbah, whose ties to Hamas were revealed.

    It was revealed that Abdel Qader Sabbah photographed himself with a senior Hamas leader, served in a Hamas-run body to which he also provided work, praised terrorists, and shared anti-Israeli propaganda online.”
    A person typed in reply about
    “I am sure the bosses at CNN were shocked, shocked I tell you by the revelation.
    How come none of these Hamas guys work for or as sub-contractors for conservative media outlets?”

  • Hillel Fuld typed online today

    IDF just eliminated Abu Nuaima, Commander of Hezbollah’s Aziz Unit on the Southern Front.

    Why is this dramatic? Hezbollah has three main commanders in the area:

    Responsible for the eastern sector, headed by Abu Taleb, who was the most senior Hezbollah commander eliminated by the IDF since the beginning of the war.

    -COMMANDER OF THE AZIZ UNIT: Responsible for the western sector, formerly led by Abu Nuaima.

    – COMMANDER OF THE BADR UNIT: Oversees the area to the north up to the Litani River.

    This elimination is a severe blow to Hezbollah’s strategic operations in the region.

    This is the most senior elimination carried out by the IDF since the beginning of the war. 

    If I had to guess, I would bet the IDF knows exactly where all of their senior leadership is, and is waiting to see how this conflict escalates before it makes its next moves.

    We hope this man rests in pieces. ”
    Rests in Pieces 😆😆😆

  • jewishboston.com has an article by Ed Gaskin headlined
    “A Black Man’s Guide to Avoiding Antisemitic Remarks”  FEBRUARY 13, 2023
    Ed Gaskin is a black man that practices Judaism

  • Anyone Remember the
    2007 comedy film
    “Norbit” with
    Eddie Murphy as Norbit
    One scene in the Movie had the following dialogue
    “Mr. Wong: Remember, black people run very fast. But problem run faster.
    Norbit: …That’s kinda racist.
    Mr. Wong: Yes, Wong very racist. Don’t like black. Don’t like Jew either. But black and Jew love Chinese food. Go figure.”
    Anyone find that scene offensive ?
    Countless people Love Chinese food, Not just Blacks and Jews

    • As long as they aren’t serving cat and dog.

      • The 2008
        Eddie Murphy Movie
        “Meet Dave” was a better film overall

        Eddie Murphy was mad funny as Dave Ming Chang and The Captain (Number 1)

      • About cat and dog
        The Jerusalem Post
        jpost.com has an article headlined :
        ‘Only humans, dogs, and cats’: ‘That Jewish Family’ kicked out of restaurant in Vietnam”
        By RIKKI ZAGELBAUM Published: JULY 1, 2024

  • Is Fox Mulder supposed to be
    Jewish ?
    jewcy.com has an article headlined :
    “Network Jews: Special Agent Fox Mulder on 1990s Sci-Fi Drama ‘The X-Files’ ”
    APRIL 11, 2013

    Remember the Anti-Semitism in
    The X-Files episode “Drive” from
    1998 with
    Bryan Cranston as the Anti-Semite
    Patrick Crump
    And also the 1997 X-Files episode

  • thejewishnews.com has an article headlined
    “There is Nothing Funny About Jew-Hatred” by
    Adar Rubin July 3, 2024

  • In June 2024
    Chaplain Michael Green typed online
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane ✡️ A true Son of Israel 🇮🇱


  • Hillel Fuld typed online today
    “This is going to piss a lot of people off but don’t confuse me with someone who cares.

    Being pro Palestinian today, in July, 2024, is a mental illness.

    Yes. A mental illness.

    Before 10/7, if you were reaaaally naive, you could somehow still believe the false narrative that the people who call themselves Palestinians, wanted independence, wanted their own state.

    I say naive because they had a state countless times. In fact, they had a state given to them at the same time Israel was given to the Jews.

    1947. Partition plan. Google is your friend.

    They also had one in 2005 when Israel gave them Gaza on a silver platter.

    Know when else they could have had a state?

    In 1967. And 1991. And 2000. And 2001. And 2007. And 2008. And 2010. And 2013. And 2019. And 2020.

    They never wanted a state. They said it loud and clear from day one. And I literally mean day one.

    When the terrorist named Arafat founded the PLO, the “Palestinian (a word that previously referred to Jews living in Palestine, which is now Israel) Liberation organization, what exactly was he liberating?

    There was no so-called occupation.

    So what was he liberating? What were his aspirations? I could tell you, but you would not believe me. So again, Google is your friend. Go read their charter.

    From day one, it wasn’t about land, it was about no Israel. It was about dead Jews.

    But still, before 10/7, the western world told you that these people, the so-called Palestinian wanted a state.

    Somehow, you could have bought that narrative.

    But now? After thousands of “innocent” “Palestinians” marched into Israel, raped women, beheaded babies, burned families, you STILL think they want a state? Then you’re mentally ill.

    Let me break this down for you.

    The people of Gaza elected Hamas. That is really where this story ends. The conversation should end there.

    The Germans elected Hitler and needed to pay the price.

    The Gazans elected Hamas and need to pay the price.

    Period. Full stop.

    But if that doesn’t resonate, then go choose a poll, any poll, and tell me what percentage of the people in Gaza support Hamas and the 7/10 massacre.

    Hamas has more support in Gaza than Hitler had in Germany.

    They didn’t only elect them. They support them. Now!

    And are there innocent people in Gaza? The question is a dishonest one. Who cares ? Name me one war that didn’t have innocent people who died.

    Were there innocent Germans? Did their existence mean that attacking Germany and defeating the Nazis was not justified?

    Besides, those innocents, where are they? Are you seeing them in your feeds? Because I’m not.

    So if you are in Gaza, you elected Hamas, you murdered Jews on 10/7, you support Hamas now, or you are simply silent, I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word “innocent”, that is not what I have in mind.

    Germany needed to be denazified from the ground up and if you lived in the time of Hitler, saw what he did, and still sided with him, then you are one sick dude.

    Now, if after what Hamas did and its wide support in Gaza and Judea and Samaria, which is a whole other discussion, if you are still pro Palestinian, you are not only supporting terror, you are not only highly immoral, you are also mentally ill.

    There is no scenario in which a sane person can justify what the people of Gaza did and supported.

    So yea, if you stand against Israel in this war, you need to be committed, and sooner than later.

    You are a danger to those around you.

    Plain and simple.

    If that pissed you off to read, sorry, not sorry. Someone had to tell you the truth.

    Seek help.

    Exhibit A:”

  • Remember the episode of
    The Twilight Zone titled
    “Deaths-Head Revisited” which aired November 10, 1961
    It was related to
    The Holocaust

  • nypost.com has an article headlined
    “Let freedom ride: Biking from Auschwitz shows Poland is safer for Jews than NY”
    By Howard Husock
    Published July 4, 2024

  • Fred Maroun typed online today
    “Hamas says it dropped demand Israel vow up-front to end war, but wants mediators’ guarantees.
    Official in terror group says it still seeks commitments from interlocutors that fighting won’t be resumed and negotiations will continue until permanent ceasefire reached.”
    (The Times of Israel)

    Unsurprisingly, Hamas’ position hasn’t changed. They want a “permanent” ceasefire immediately, which means until they decide to attack Israel again.”

  • jewishpress.com has an article headlined
    “Parents Shouldn’t Be Judged By Their Children’s Choices”
    By Rabbi Uri Pilichowski January 10, 2024
    About actress Jennifer Garner her daughter Violet and the Fakestinians
    Do we agree ?

  • Anyone Remember the
    NBC Teen Sitcom
    “Saved by the Bell” the episodes
    “The Wicked Stepbrother” Parts 1 & 2 which aired
    November 2, 1991 The Non-Jewish character
    Zack Morris pretends to be Jewish in these episodes
    Some have said these two episodes are clearly anti-semitic
    heyalma.com has an article about this headlined
    “Revisiting That ‘Saved By the Bell’ Rosh Hashanah Episode”

    By Abigail Weil September 16, 2020

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