Kobach on DACA: Shocking Amnesty Being Considered When Trump’s “Number One Issue” Was “No Amnesty”

Kansas Secretary of State and candidate for governor Kris Kobach says it’s “shocking” that amnesty for nearly 800,000 illegal aliens shielded from deportation by an Obama-created program is even being discussed in President Trump’s administration.

During an interview with Breitbart News Daily, Kobach slammed any effort to give amnesty to illegal aliens shielded under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in September would officially end in March 2018.

Since Sessions’ announcement, though, the Republican establishment, Democrats, the big business lobby and the open borders and cheap labor industry has scrambled to pull together a plan that would give amnesty to upwards of 3.3 million illegal aliens who are on the DACA rolls and eligible for DACA.

“Shocking that [amnesty] is being done right after the American people made clear that we have elected a president whose number one issue on the campaign trail was no amnesty, build a wall, enforce the law,” Kobach told Breitbart News Daily. “And so we’ve defeated the DREAMer amnesty for the past 16 years and now with Republican control of both houses and… now we’re actually talking about passing the amnesty? It just makes no sense.”

Kobach also called on Breitbart News readers and listeners, as well as American workers, to flood the congressional switchboards to shut down an amnesty for illegal aliens before the issue ever makes it onto the Senate or House floor.

“Pick up your smartphone right now and Google your congressman’s number, his home district or his Washington office, call him right now and say ‘No DACA amnesty, period,’” Kobach said. “And if he does vote for an amnesty, ‘I’m going to vote for some other Republican in the primary.’”

“That’s how we won and beat back the DREAMer amnesty in serveral versions… in 2007, 2013… is people called their congressman,” Kobach said. “We melted the phone lines of the Senators and Congressmen. And they get it. When they start getting hundreds of thousands of calls saying ‘Don’t do it,’ they actually want to keep their job and that sends a powerful message that you’re not going to keep your job if you vote this way.”


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