• Chaim Ben Pesach – You are one of the More Honest Voices of our Time . We want to Help support You and Ask for your Help for Probable Jewish ancestry Survivors in Iraq , starting with 1 widow and Fatherless Child in particular . I am also going to approach a foundation about your Work and what we can do to help Israeli and take a stand for Truth . We know you are telling the Truth in areas about Islam others would say are an exaggeration , Because we have not Only Studied the Enemies Texts but we have experienced their unfair attacks . Let’s not Forget that it Was the Kurds who beheaded and Enslaved Children into Jerusalem then Became the Calvary for the Turks in the Armenian Genocide which also Killed Jews, Syrians , Greeks act . Trump is trying to hook up Saudi Monetarily , Weapons and Nuclear Technology . Both Trump and Biden are Islam apologists. The Jews rejected Inbreeding because the God of Israel did , This alone gives advantage . Like Judas the traitor still comes from within . YHVH alliance pleading for the Widow/ Fatherless . According To Quran 9:29 “Fight those who do not believe in Allah ( Non Muslims ) ….those who have been given the Book, until they pay the Jizya (extortion) tax in acknowledgment of superiority (Of Muslims) and they are Humiliated” -Victims of the Sunni Kurds / Sunni Arabs, currently still Displaced By ISIS . We agree with you about Israel’s Needing to have Strength and Follow YHVH not global pressures . The Kurds also were Allies of Saddam , thus “Little Saddam” Barzani “…I know 1 tiny “voiceless” Dissident Voice I love and I want you to Help me Help .

    • I don’t know if Chaim and JTF can offer monetary help. They can help you out with spreading the word about your group.

      I would like to help too. I work with different politcal and religious groups and help spread their message. If you have a website I can probably help you.

  • If the Lebanon Explosion had happened in Israel, we all Know that countless Arabs, Fakestinians, Muslims all over the Mideast and Worldwide would be literally singing and dancing with Sick Sadistic Satanic Glee over innocent Israelis being Killed, they would be Singing and Dancing Non-Stop ,

  • Anyone think that the Lebanon Explosion was God Punishing Lebanon for it’s Evil and Wickedness, that it was God’s Wrath upon Lebanon and
    God Protecting Israel

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