• Chaim Ben Pesach – You are one of the More Honest Voices of our Time . We want to Help support You and Ask for your Help for Probable Jewish ancestry Survivors in Iraq , starting with 1 widow and Fatherless Child in particular . I am also going to approach a foundation about your Work and what we can do to help Israeli and take a stand for Truth . We know you are telling the Truth in areas about Islam others would say are an exaggeration , Because we have not Only Studied the Enemies Texts but we have experienced their unfair attacks . Let’s not Forget that it Was the Kurds who beheaded and Enslaved Children into Jerusalem then Became the Calvary for the Turks in the Armenian Genocide which also Killed Jews, Syrians , Greeks act . Trump is trying to hook up Saudi Monetarily , Weapons and Nuclear Technology . Both Trump and Biden are Islam apologists. The Jews rejected Inbreeding because the God of Israel did , This alone gives advantage . Like Judas the traitor still comes from within . YHVH alliance pleading for the Widow/ Fatherless . According To Quran 9:29 “Fight those who do not believe in Allah ( Non Muslims ) ….those who have been given the Book, until they pay the Jizya (extortion) tax in acknowledgment of superiority (Of Muslims) and they are Humiliated” -Victims of the Sunni Kurds / Sunni Arabs, currently still Displaced By ISIS . We agree with you about Israel’s Needing to have Strength and Follow YHVH not global pressures . The Kurds also were Allies of Saddam , thus “Little Saddam” Barzani “…I know 1 tiny “voiceless” Dissident Voice I love and I want you to Help me Help .

    • I don’t know if Chaim and JTF can offer monetary help. They can help you out with spreading the word about your group.

      I would like to help too. I work with different politcal and religious groups and help spread their message. If you have a website I can probably help you.

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