• James Abourezk, the first
    “Arab-American” US senator and founder of the Stupid
    “American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee” ADC has thankfully died at the age of 92 in February 2023 .
    He will Not be Missed ,
    No Tears for Him

    • The adc should be pointed out are Arab Christians just saying.

      • What do you mean by your statement
        “The adc should be pointed out are Arab Christians just saying.”

        • I think He’s referring to the fact that the arabs always discriminate against non-muslim unbelievers including those who are arabs. And they want to discriminate against women.

          Hypocrisy! Sheer hypocrisy!

    • Oh yes. I remember that now. What a pile of krock! Arab anti-discrimination? WHEN? I ASK WHEN?

      • Kyle, Exactly when have the Arabs ever Suffered ? When ? When have they ever Suffered from “Discrimination” of any sort ? What are those Loser Arabs crying about ?

      • Kyle , we can Never be Deceived by Arab & Fakestinian Propaganda and Lies

      • The ADC & CAIR
        continue to shamelessly Lie about Everything in 2024
        When have Arabs ever Suffered remotely from any
        While if they ever did suffer from any minor “discrimination” they should realize it’s their own fault

      • The Stupid Worthless
        ADC on their website boasts about their
        “rich cultural heritage”
        yeah right , that’s hilarious
        Such BS

    • We all wish we could use
      James Abourezk’s
      Birth Certificate as Toilet Paper 😆

  • elderofziyon.blogspot.com has an article headlined
    “Why doesn’t James Abourezk’s obituary mention he blamed Zionists for 9/11 and supported Hamas and Hezbollah” on
    Monday, February 27, 2023 in other words James Abourezk was an Average Ugly Typical Hate Filled Arab , Good that he’s Dead 😆😆😆

    • About the Tragedy and
      Horror of 9/11
      dailymail.co.uk has an article headlined
      “Was this the FIFTH 9/11 plane? Crew of United 23 reveal their 767 scheduled to takeoff on fateful day was raided by FBI after they found box cutters they feared would be used in hijack and identified four suspicious passengers… but kept it quiet”
      By Harriet Alexander
      17 Mar 2023 did Chaim ever comment on this ? Was there a
      Fifth plane that was nearly hijacked on 9/11 as part of the Horrific Terrorist Attack by
      Al-Qaeda , many other articles online document the disturbing possibility that there was almost a Fifth plane hijacked on 9/11

    • Poor James Abourezk , he is now a
      Shish kebab roasting in Hell along with all the other Arab Terrorists he Supported

    • We all wish James Abourezk
      had died decades earlier, like at age 40

  • When people heard
    James Abourezk had died

  • James Abourezk was a Democrat
    Big Surprise , The World is better off without Him !!

    • To this very day the land upon which the Israeli Knesset sits is owned by the Greek Orthodox Church. And they own a whole bunch more land in Jerusalem. What does jtf think about that? Check it out on Wikipedia under “Knesset”. Has anyone ever tried to negotiate them out of that place? What’s going on here?

      • Giacobo, If what you say is true, any Land that the Greek Orthodox Church owns in Israel should be bought by Jews, as the Land of Israel must be Jewish Land thru and thru.

    • James Abourezk is in Hell
      Along with the Arab Terrorists he Loved and Supported

  • aramean-dem.org has an article about the Traitor
    James Abourezk headlined
    “Beware of the Enemy Within
    Former US Senator James Abourezk, On The Terrorist Group Hezbollah TV Al-Manar.” on
    14th September 2007

  • Any opinions about the late
    Barry Goldwater ?

    • Barry Goldwater was a conservative republican who ran for Pres. in 1964 and lost badly to Lyndon Johnson. He was very much more attuned to American politics and the effects that those policies had on America from a conservative perspective. He was not so attuned to Israeli politics and being a pro-Israel voice for Israel probably because Israel was not a main focal point for him. He was not Jewish as based on halachic Jewish Law since his mother was not Jewish.

  • Is Billy Joel self hating for marrying Christy Brinkley or does he get a pass for being a rock star?

  • Billy Joel is an example of a Jew who had G-d Given musical talent, but who didn’t do a damn thing for the Jewish Cause or for the Jewish State. Like most Jews in the limelight they choose to take a low public profile of their Jewish Identity which if they were proud and emphasized their Jewishness this could harm their popularity.

    • He married Christine Brinkley a gentile.

      • Christie Brinkley was gorgeous and a goddess , did you see how stunning she was as The
        Girl in the Ferrari in the 1983 film “National Lampoon’s Vacation” with Chevy Chase

        • Christie was ugly as whale shit and got what she deserved with Peter Cook the pedophilic masturbater.

  • Bruce , sadly you are right
    There are countless Jewish and
    Part-Jewish actors , actresses and celebrities with money , fame, power and influence, in America and other Nations, what are they doing to keep their fellow Jewish people safe in America and Worldwide, what are they doing to Protect Israel ?
    Also Saudi Arabia & Iran have restored diplomatic ties, Thanks to China
    Anyone read about that ?

    • Again Bruce , the Question is what if anything are these Countless Jewish actors, actresses and celebrities Peacefully doing with their Money, Fame, Power & Influence to Help Protect Israel and Keep Jews Safe in America and Worldwide , couldn’t these countless Jewish and part Jewish celebrities, actors and actresses at least anonymously privately help protect Israel and Jews Worldwide , at least that, if they don’t want to bring attention to themselves
      Where is the Logic and Common Sense

  • The death of
    James George Abourezk was a True Blessing !

  • How do we know they don’t donate on secret to Jewish causes?

    • Some good news
      jta.org has an article headlined
      “Former baseball star Darryl Strawberry is now an evangelical preacher focused on promoting Israel”
      MARCH 8, 2023

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