Mass Muslim Immigration Will Be Danger For American Jews, Just Like French Jews

anti-semitites-franceIslam is a threat to both Christians and Jews, as we noted from the recent killing of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya. But scholars of the history of anti-semitism tell us that Jews are the canary in the mine, meaning that they are often the first target for hate-mongers. As bad as anti-Christian sentiment is in the Muslim world, there are some Muslim countries that an openly-identified American Christian can visit, that are too dangerous for an openly-identified Jew of any nationality to visit. An openly-identified Jew visiting most Muslim nations puts his life at great risk, even in so-called “moderate” Muslim nations. That applies even to Jewish journalists. Do you remember the American Jewish journalist, Daniel Pearl, who was killed in Pakistan for practicing journalism while Jewish?

France has the largest Jewish population of any European Union country. During the 1970s and 1980s, French Jews had the assertiveness and self-confidence that American Jews have, because of the freedom they enjoyed. But, today, French Jews have to hide their identity. Walking in a Paris street wearing a yarmulke puts your life at risk. Recent immigration made France to have the largest Muslim population in the European Union. This has led to a marginalization of French Jews. Jews in France and many other European countries suffer from a great deal more violence than is reported. The media only reports the murders of Jews, but does not report on the numerous beatings that many Jews are subjected to on a regular basis, simply because they are Jewish. The assertiveness and self-confidence that French Jews once had, which enriched French intellectual life, is now mostly gone. French Jews are now reduced to the status of dhimmis. If Muslims manage to drive Jews out of Europe, then the European gentiles will be the next to be kicked out of their own country.

Special police units and police patrol cars have been set up to protect Jews. But it is not possible to provide a police bodyguard for every Jew in Europe. It is time that Americans acquired the guts to demand an end to ALL Muslim immigration to America. If Muslim immigration to America doubles, which could happen soon if nothing is done, American Jews could suffer the regular beatings that French, Danish and Swedish Jews suffer from, in addition to suffering more murders.

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