Mother of Muslim Terror Victim Decries PLO Payments to Terrorists at UN

Ezra Schwartz

Terrorist murderers are being paid by the so-called PLO Fatah “moderate” Muslims in Israel – the same Muslim terrorists Trump is trying to force Israel to give up the holy land to.

The mother of Ezra Schwartz, an 18-year old American citizen who was killed by a [so-called] “Palestinian” terrorist in Israel in November 2015, on Wednesday spoke out against the PLO for compensating terrorists.

Ruth Schwartz made her remarks at the United Nations during a special forum on the glorification of terrorism, organized by the Israeli Mission to the UN in partnership with the Israel education organization StandWithUs.

“My son is the victim of the worst crime: He will never go to college, get married, have children or do anything in this world again,” Schwartz said. “I’m here because as Ezra’s mother, it is my duty to fight for my son.”

Her son was [murdered] in a shooting, as he was spending his gap year between high school and college volunteering in Israel. His murderer, Muhammad Haruv, was sentenced to four life prison terms, and is receiving thousands of dollars a month from the PLO, according to the Israeli mission to the UN.

Learning that her son’s murderer is compensated and celebrated for his crime was “another twist of the knife,” Schwartz told The Jerusalem Post after the event.

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