MSNBC: Capitalism Is An ‘Oppressive Force’ Against Blacks

A guest on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” Wednesday told guest host Michael Eric Dyson that after activists deal with police brutality, they need to deal with “the oppressive force” of capitalism.

DYSON: The problem extends beyond police departments. What is the next institution that needs to be isolated and challenged?



“HIP HOP ACTIVIST” ROSA CLEMENTE: The economy. Capitalism! I think that’s the institution all over this country, it is really what is the oppressive force. And the police are actually in my opinion– and we have a lot of theory that proves this– are that force that are keeping us as particularly working class people from achieving this idea of, you know, economic justice. Economic justice is not devoid from racial justice, just like it’s not devoid of gender justice.



… Also in the classroom here at California State University Los Angeles in the Pan-African Department, my students are having those conversations. These are working class students, going to school full time working two jobs and continually being harassed by the police at many different levels. So I think what these young people are talking about, is now, as we are talking about policing, how are we talking again about the system, particularly the economic system that really from birth determines how we’re going to be looked on?



DYSON: Absolutely.

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  • Without Capitalism these people would not have anything. The protestors in New York are openly out there claiming they want to replace our Republic with Communism, that shows how illiterate and brain washed they are.

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