Muhammed Ali was a Muslim that said G-d was against race-mixing; Trump calls him a “great champion” and “wonderful guy”

Muhammad Ali Donald Trump

And it gets better…

Basically anytime something novel in the news happens, all we have to do is search for that item and Donald Trump in order to find something absurd and ridiculous. Today’s edition is the whiner-in-chief’s tweets about Muhammed Ali.

Here’s what the toupee-litarian tweeted upon reading at Alex Jones’ website that chemtrails has killed Muhammed Ali:

Aw, that’s sweet. Oh wait.. wait.. here’s what he said earlier about Muslim athletes:

Well darn it.

Remember this is the moron that legal aide and butt-kisser Mike Cohen loudly proclaimed had a “fantastic memory” who had never said anything inaccurate ever. And none of us doubt that, at all. Except Trump actually met Muhammed Ali, and tweeted that he didn’t know any Muslim athletes.

More from the New York Daily News:

When Trump suggested that no such sports stars existed, critics swiftly pointed out that Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal, among others, are all proud Muslims.

Ali even took the chance to blast Trump’s proposal.

But early Saturday, as news of Ali’s death began to spread, Trump seemed to forget his December bluster. He praised the champion as if they were old pals.

Great job there, genius.

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  • Ron Fleischhacker

    muslims don’t believe in JESUS they are lost, all of them ! Every knee shall bow Every tongue confess JESUS is LORD of LORDS an KING of KINGS allah is satan. wealth n fame n power gets you no where when you die. GOD gives us free will, satan wants to be JESUS, he comes first as the false one. People are ignorant and follow like sheep. Wide is the road to perdition, narrow is the gate of HEAVEN. BE STRONG IN THE LORD, NOONE comes to the FATHER LESS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS.

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