Muslim Breaks Into Man’s Property, Takes His Pregnant Dog And Rapes It To Death

Even Ayatollah Khomeini talked about the Koran’s endorsed instructions for bestiality and necrophilia.

So does this count as a “sexual emergency” as well?:

The Cyberabad police of Hyderabad on Monday arrested a man in connection with the death of a female dog.

The Mailardevpally Police who arrested the alleged killer revealed that dog was murdered and raped afterwards by a person identified as Aslam Khan native of Delhi who had came to the city few days back to meet his friends.
As per the police, Md Jahangir a resident of Shastripuran area had a female pet dog in his house.

Today morning at around 8 am Jahangir noticed some abnormal noise of the dog and asked his sons to inquire about.

The Jahangir’s sons were shocked to see that a person involved in an unnatural sex with the dog.

After the sons saw the incident, Aslam Khan (22) tried to flee from the spot. However, he was caught by locals and handed over to the police.

The Mailardevpally police has registered a case under section 429, 374 and section 11 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act.

The dog’s body has been sent for post-mortem and further investigation is on(source)

Violence against animals in India is common. However, as we have seen before, there is a pattern worldwide of Muslims who refuse to control their sexual feelings and take them out on whoever or whatever is around them. This is another example of this problem, which is not tied to any culture or society, but is a product of Islamic theology.


  • I don’t think any of them needs to live I would cut off his pecker so it so I’m down in a dungeon put his pecker in front of him and let him think about that the rest of his life until he dies do not feed him do not give him water nothing just let him die a slow death

  • Sexual emergencies?

    Where does it all end? Growing up before 9/11 we were told that the koran was against this behavior.

    But ayatollah Khomeini says all bets are off. He not only advocated this sort of BS he himself raped a 4 year old girl.

    He said just don’t penetrate.

    Shia islam is a lot like Medieval catholicism. The bishops and the holy father can say whatever goes regardless of the bible. At least they had Martin Luther John Calvin and John Hus. For islam, there may be no hope.

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