Muslims keep admitting to each other how the Quran tells them to hate Jews

JewsLast year I noted a couple of times that newspapers in the Arab world would have occasional articles describing the negative qualities of the Jews described in the Quran. (Often the articles are illustrated with this picture.)

One of those articles has been published this past weekend in newspapers in Egypt and Morocco.

This is a recurring theme. In Arabic media, antisemitism is not only mainstream, but widely accepted to be mandated by the Quran. And the West refuses to pay any attention to this (except for rare occasions.)

Here is an English synopsis of a Gaza university research paper on this topic:

Jewish recipes as portrayed by the Koran – an objective study of graphic
Abstract: Quran highlighted the many characteristics of the Jews in order to warn the world of them and especially the Arab world and Muslim peoples and leaders, and the research will be remembered most important of these qualities that have had a negative impact on the formation of ideology and mentality, the thought of the Jews perverted, it is these qualities disbelief in Allah and His signs, deception, and hardening of the heart, cunning, and cunning, treachery, betrayal and bloodshed love of this world and hatred of death and eating people’s wealth unlawfully, those qualities that are reflected on the behavior of individuals and groups, making them commit the crime of crimes, what on earth who has not committed, because these people do not know the meaning of humanity, so this research to reveal those qualities and those evil intentions and reveal their risk the entire world and especially the Islamic world and the Arab world and to take heed of these and reconsider.

Nah, not newsworthy.

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