National Review: Trump Is Worse Than Hillary


An article published Friday by conservative media outlet National Review has declared that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump would be a worse president than Hillary Clinton.

The magazine has stridently opposed Trump throughout the GOP primary, even devoting its entire Feb. 15 issue to articles denouncing the real estate billionaire. Earlier this week, it ran an editorial titled “The Fight Goes On” to show it was not giving up the battle against Trump.

The article appearing on the magazine’s website Friday written by David Harsanyi reveals just how far National Review is willing to go to continue the war. It’s title: “Why President Trump Would Be a Bigger Disaster Than President Clinton.”

“Whether you’re an ideological conservative, a proponent of limited government, or someone who believes that the president has too much power already, you shouldn’t think of this matchup as a contest between horrifying candidates,” Harsanyi writes.

“Rather, you should ask yourself which scenario would be more damaging. I’m pretty sure you’d find that Donald Trump is the form of the Destructor.”

Harsanyi asserts that a President Clinton with a GOP Congress would result in gridlock but a Trump presidency would be a free-trade disaster.

“There’s a difference between caring about the plight of working stiffs and embracing isolationism, high tariffs, and other policies that would destroy working-class prospects over the long term,” Harsanyi writes of Trump supporters.

“Is everyone supposed to surrender to mercantilism because it makes 30 percent of angry voters feel better? You can’t let a mob run your party. Not because mobs are angry or incoherent — though both those things are true. The problem is that this mob is nihilistic.”

“It’s worth pointing out that the chances of Trump’s protectionist policies passing — with a bipartisan coalition of progressives and right-protectionists — are far higher under Trump than Clinton,” Harsanyi writes.

“Why should free-traders help facilitate this kind of disaster? So they can brag about having a Republican president?”

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