Netanyahu Claims “Most Arabs Want to Integrate Into Society” – “My Government Invests Heavily Towards This Objective”

Netanyahu ignores daily terror and mass-murdered Jews in Israel while quoting Obama that the Arab Muslim terrorists are so-called “lone-wolf extremists”.

Remember when the hypocrite Netanyahu was running for election and said “Arab voters are heading to the polling stations in droves” and claimed they were threatening everything?

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this evening (Monday) wrote a Facebook post stating that “most Israeli Arabs want to integrate into Israeli society.

“I also want this, so my government invests heavily towards this objective. It is unfortunate that there are extremists in the Arab world who whip up the Arab public to go in the opposite direction,” added Netanyahu.

Insanity: Israel sends trucks of cement, food, supplies, medicine, and more to Islamic terrorists who promise to exterminate them.

He further explained, “Here’s an example of this extremism last week at the Hebrew University. There was a conference on the situation in Syria, which was attended by Syrian exiles who spoke about the situation in their country, and Arab-Israeli students disrupted the conference and attacked the government’s policy. They argued that the Syrian exiles who participated in the conference were betraying the Syrian people. They scolded one of the speakers for ‘speaking with Israel’. The speaker did not remain silent and answered them in kind: ‘Shame on you; you live in paradise compared to the Syrians.’

“That’s true. But not only compared to Syria, but compared to many countries in the Middle East and the world,” Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page.

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  • “My Government Invests Heavily Towards Terrorism This is my Objective” The prime minister of Israel on how to make more secure his country.

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