Netanyahu Reiterates: Jews Forbidden to Pray on Temple Mount

Following yesterday’s series of terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and Gush Etzion, and despite pressure from some members of his coalition to grant Jews freedom of worship on the Temple Mount, the Prime Minister’s Office has reiterated that no such moves are in the works.

“In last night’s security consultation, the Prime Minister made it clear that there will be no change in the status quo on the Temple Mount and that whoever expresses a different opinion is presenting a personal view and not the policy of the Government,” said the PM’s spokesperson Mark Regev.

The Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest site, and also houses the Al Aqsa Mosque compound. The entire area is administered by the Jordanian-run Waqf Islamic trust, and despite its holy status to them Jews are forbidden from carrying out any forms of worship there due to pressure and threats of violence by Muslim groups.

Jewish campaigners are fighting for the right to worship on the Temple Mount, with many calling for the site to be split equally between Jews and Muslims – akin to the arrangement currently in place in Hevron’s Cave of the Patriarchs.

Hundreds are expected to attend a Jerusalem rally today in protest of the attempted murder of prominent Temple Mount activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick last week, and to call for greater Jewish rights at the Temple Mount itself.

That cause has been taken up by many MKs, including senior coalition members such as Deputy Religious Affairs Minister Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan (Jewish Home) and Likud MK Miri Regev, who point to several High Court rulings stating that freedom of worship must be granted to Jews as well as Muslims on the Temple Mount.

However, Netanyahu has repeatedly rebuffed such efforts citing security concerns and in the face of heavy pressure from Jordan.

Just yesterday, the Jordanian government announced it would be withdrawing its ambassador to Israel over ongoing tension on the Temple Mount, after police were forced to enter the Al Aqsa Mosque itself – which they usually refrain from doing – when rioters barricaded themselves inside.


  • ‘Jews Forbidden to Pray on Temple Mount’
    Friggin idiot

  • Bibi is becoming Bevin.

  • Spiraling Leopard

    It’s time to oust that traitor.

  • Jordan withdrawing its ambassador…hmmm. Sides with the falestinian nazis. Logically, there isn’t really a peace agreement. It’s all a falsehood. Hopefully we learned a lesson: STUDY TORAH AND MAKE RULINGS AND PEACE PROCESSES ACCORDING TO TORAH!!!!

  • Bibi never had much courage ………. or much sympathy for the Jewishness of Israel. Jews forbidden to pray on the temple mount? Who in their rational mind would initiate or maintain such a policy? Unfortunately too large a percentage of the population don’t care about the temple or most things Jewish. The future of Judaism is dependent on the future of Israel but it works the other way also!

  • Abu Mazen: “Jewish presence on the temple mount would contaminate it”…….. if Jews are not offended by that statement, I dunno…..

    • The connection between the Jews and Jerusalem is deeply rooted and compelling. The tie is over 3000 years old. When Arabs pray they face Mecca; when Jews pray they face Jerusalem. For 3 centuries the Jews have ended each Passover Meal with the pensive, “Next year in Jerusalem.” The Arabs have no real connection to Jerusalem other than that Muhammed visited it in a dream. The Muslims can point to no holy place except the Dome of the Rock, which they built on the site of the Temple Mount, knowing it was sacred to the Jews. It is politics not historical claims that make Jerusalem such an important issue to the Arabs. One has only to look at history books to discover that King David established Jerusalem as the capital of a united Israel in 1010 B.C. Now known as the city of three religions under Jewish control, people know under Arab rule Jerusalem would become inhospitable to Christians and Jews. Jerusalem is coveted by Islam, only because it is the most sacred city to the Jews and under Jewish control. When polled privately, the Arabs who live in Israeli-controlled Jerusalem agree wholeheartedly, that all Jerusalem has become would vanish under Arab rule. The truth is like a beacon of Light.

  • I think it well past time for the jewish people to close the temple mount and have a very very intence investigation on the temple mount, to know once and for all time, is it really the temple mount or is it the Roman Fortress called fort antonia of the 10th roman legion of 6000 troops plus support staff, this is a very real possibility, there is evidence of jewish worship at the ghion spring, about 950 south of fort antonia, but israel must put aside their i know it is, mindset and know for sure, but there still will be the hatred all as long as these fakestinians are allowed to set their evil ass anywhere near there, wheather I am right or wrong these fakestinians must go, must israel must know the truth is there to be found.

  • The arabs really care nothing about the Temple Mount biblically. Jerusalem is coveted only because it is the most sacred city to the Jews and is under Jewish control, its all political wanting this so called Palestinian state. The connection between the Jews and Jerusalem is deeply rooted and compelling. The tie is over three thousand years old. When Arabs pray they face Mecca: when Jews pray they face Jerusalem. The only connection the arabs have to Jerusalem is that Muhammed visited it in a dream. They can point to no holy place except the Dome of the Rock, which they built on the site of the Temple Mount.

  • Israel is God’s dream. The title deed belongs to him, he claims Jerusalem as his own, and it is called the City of God, and the Holy City, The City of David. He declared to Solomon in 2 Chronicles 33:7 “In this house and in Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, I will put my name forever.” It is his to bestow on whomever he will… and he has given that right of occupation to the Jewish people. I have no doubts that God deals with nations in accord with how those nations deal with Israel….Down through the centuries, those nations, those potentates, and emperors who dared to malign the Apple of God’s eye, paid severely. The 3rd Temple will eventually be built on the Temple Mount historic site. All things will be fulfilled to the letter as God intended them to be.

  • When is the next Jewish Temple going to be built?

  • The Temple Mount is where the Jews are supposed to pray….this is unacceptable and the Lord says it too!

  • For Crying out Loud….that’s where Jews are supposed to pray, that where the Lord wants them to pray.

  • And this is why the PLO/PA/Fatah now claims even the Kotel as their own. They’ll claim more and more with a leadership as weak and pathetic as Bibi and company.

  • That is where the Lord designated the Jews to pray! The ignorance is astounding.

  • I agree, the Arabs have no religious signifigance to the Temple Mount. This is just a political issue to them, and keeping the Jews from praying to their God.


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    Pastor Rick Warren says Muslims Christians and Jews all worship the same G-d
    The Dutch Reformed church of South Africa recognizes gay marriage
    Archbishop Dolan Elected Grandmaster of the NYC pride parade (AGAIN)
    Chaim still can’t go to Israel


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