Netanyahu to allow Muslim terrorists to ride on buses with Jews

bus-attack-jerusalemWhat could possibly go wrong?

There is no such thing as Palestine or a Palestinian. It is a propaganda war intended to destroy the Jews.

israel bus terror attack 2[Ynet] – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has overruled his Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Wednesday and called off a proposed plan to “segregate Palestinians” from Israelis on West Bank buses, hours after it was introduced.

An official in the prime minister’s office said Netanyahu called Ya’alon to tell him he found the proposal “unacceptable” and the two decided to freeze the plan.

According to a Defense Ministry official, the ban had applied to [Israel Arab Muslims] who commute to Israel to work.

“Under a three-month pilot project, Palestinians who work in Israel will, starting Wednesday, need to return home by the same crossings without taking buses used by (Israeli) residents of Judea and Samaria,” the official said.

jerusalem bus terrorismOpposition leader Isaac Herzog attacked the decision, saying it marked a “stain on the face of the country.”

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, told Israeli radio that Israel “will draw lessons from this experience at the end of the three-month trial period.”

President Reuven Rivlin welcomed to move which, he said, “could have led to an unthinkable separation between bus lines for Jews and Arabs.”

“As one who loves the Land of Israel, I have nothing but regret for the discordant voices that we heard this morning, supporting the separation between Jews and Arabs on the basis of ideas that have no place being heard or said,” Rivlin said.

israel bus terror attack“Such statements go against the very foundations of the State of Israel, and impact upon our very ability to establish here a Jewish and democratic state. Such statements cause great damage to the State of Israel, and to the settlement movement. It is important we remember that our sovereignty obligates us to prove our ability to live side by side.”

Shlomo: Oh yeah, because terrorist Hamas and Fatah totally want “peace”. Are Jewish lives that expendable – even to their own Israeli government? Here’s an idea I would go for. Any of the officials that agree with this lunacy, since it’s so safe, let’s let THEM ride the bus with the terrorist… you know, to test that out and everything.

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  • They say it! the west bank isn’t israeli so why applying israeli rule on a foreign land and denying these same rule to Israeli living there. By doing so pipi admits Judea is Israel so stop applying military rule to Jews living there as if they were the enemy.

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