New HBO Documentary Lets Viewers “Hear the Death” of Baby Murdered in an Abortion

HBO’s latest documentary lets viewers “hear the death” of an actual baby in abortion, according to one pro-life leader who’s in it. And, even then, the film sides with “choice” [murder] over life.

Abortion: Stories Women Tell premieres Monday on HBO to shed “new light” on abortion in Missouri. But, says a director of pro-life group Students for Life of America, the new documentary instead throws a “negative light” on the pro-life movement [of course, liberals made the film]. In exclusive comments to MRC Culture, she spoke about the media bias against the pro-life movement – and on one of the most disturbing scenes in the film.

According to the show description, the documentary director, Missouri native Tracy Droz Tragos, intended for her film to shed that “new light” by focusing “on the women themselves,” or “those struggling with unplanned pregnancies [so they murder their children],” their medical “providers” and “activists on both sides of the issue.”

… Barklage also revealed one of the more horrific scenes where the documentary camera “even followed one woman into the operating room at the facility” where viewers could “hear the death of that child.”

“The sound of that child’s death, was gut-wrenching,” Barklage told MRC Culture. “It was inconsiderate and cruel to not only include the sound of the suction machine but also show the blood remaining on the machine afterwards.”

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