New York Nazi Times Comes Up With List of Offensive Terms to Avoid While Reporting

Guess what? They are all terms liberals made up!

The New York Times has a Race/Related team (who knew?) which recently met to devise a list of racial terms to avoid while reporting. Making the list, according to The Daily Caller, are those that are “bothersome” or “cringeworthy.” But here’s the funny thing: the terms on the list were things once deemed “politically correct” by leftists. This is more proof that you can’t satisfy these people.

Some of the words and phrases that made the list were “ethnic,” “people of color,” and “illegal immigrant.” The “person of color” trope is most interesting because liberals created that term to include black and brown people and other minorities. However, NYT’s national editor, Marc Lacey, realized “white” is also a color, so that poses a problem. But mostly, Lacey is offended by how closely it sounds to “colored people.”

The DC notes that the NYT Stylebook says to avoid “people of color” because it’s too “self conscious” for the news.

“Ethnic” makes national correspondent John Eligon cringe because it “normalizes” whiteness.

“What makes a black person ethnic but a white person not?” he asks. “On the one hand, this is the normalization of whiteness – if you are not white, then you are something else. On the other hand, it speaks to how uncomfortable some people are even to discuss race.”

Then there’s Audrey Carlsen, a graphics editor, who finds it troublesome to describe people as mixed races:

“Multiracial people are often defined by their fractions-‘half white,’ ‘half black,’ ‘a quarter Native American.’ The math is convenient but inaccurate, suggesting a person’s identity can be sliced into clean, separate boxes.”

Got a headache yet?

The list is ongoing and the NYT has requested its readers to add their own terms. That should be fun.

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