• These schools will admit the retarded Schwartzes through the back door using terms like diversified and and inclusion and multicultural.

    • Chaim , and Everyone Else
      Sadly many Jews in Israel have a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome
      Anyone read the Superb book
      “The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege” published in 2005 book by Psychiatrist Kenneth Levin about the BS
      “Peace Process” with the
      Fakestinians, Arabs and Fakestinians can Never be Trusted

      • In 2008 a book by
        Michael Rydelnik is titled
        “Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict: What the Headlines Haven’t Told You” About how Everything, Literally Everything is the Fault of the Arabs and Fakestinians in the Mideast Conflict, there is No
        “Cycle of Violence” as
        Israel is Always Morally & Legally Superior , see also the Various Editions of the book
        “The Case for Israel” by
        Alan Dershowitz ,
        Dershowitz also does a Superb Job of Proving how
        Israel is Always Infinitely Morally & Legally Superior to it’s enemies and how there is No
        “Cycle of Violence”

    • Chaim & Everyone here
      israelnationalnews.com has an article headlined
      “The Western cultural Stockholm Syndrome” on
      March 11, 2021 by
      Howard Rotberg

    • Jesse Jackson is stepping down as Rainbow PUSH Coalition president , anyone hear about this

    • Chaim & Everyone Else
      tabletmag.com has an article headlined
      “End U.S. Aid to Israel”
      on JULY 16, 2023 , this article made good points about how
      U.S. Aid to Israel backfires in many ways and allows the U.S. to Manipulate Israel

    • What do we think about the
      Current Judicial Overhaul in Israel ? What is it all about ?

  • Chaim: why complain. The liberal Jews like Jacob Javits started this shit. Why is there so much antisemitism. That’s why.

    • What about Libertarians, are there
      Many Libertarian Jews ?
      America Needs More
      Libertarian Freedom
      Currently the “Freedom” in America is a Joke, Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies, That’s Pathetic , Patriotism in America is at an All Time Low

  • Korean and European cars better or worse than Japanese? Are there other possibilities why American cars fall short? Cheaper materials, cost cutting focus by American corporations?

  • Blacks Never Help Jews or Israel , we Must Never Help Anyone who would backstab or betray us , they owe us Everything, we owe them Nothing
    The Help Must be Mutual, Still
    Many Blacks are decent people, we admit that , why don’t they reciprocate the help we give them ? Why ?

  • Arab Muslim bitch says “No way in hell” will she attend Israeli Herzog’s speech to Congress.

  • Great show as always, thanks David and Chaim. Regards to Reuven as well.

  • look dear guys i will tell you one thing but namely our modern Israelite Jewish society is too whole too
    black kind of racistas and jew haters like for instance yoni mula from Ethiopian community whose told
    before 2 years ago that his dream is black kind of hitler whose must kill all white Jews and that Israelite
    police hushed up that case with yoni mula instead that thing what imprisoning that kind of black bastards
    from Ethiopian community for his words about black kind of hitler dear guys

  • RFK Jr. says COVID ethnically targeted to spare Jews.
    NY Post

  • No Jew should vote for RFK Jr.

    • Perhaps no one Jew or Non-Jew should Vote for RFK Jr.
      America Needs More Freedom
      More Freedom
      More Libertarian Freedom
      Adults in America cannot even do what they want with their own lives and own bodies , with BS
      “Freedom” like that , can you see Patriotism in America is at an All Time Low

  • I don’t think you can say that the whole black population is ungrateful to Jews. The loud ones and leadership yes. The silent ones are a different story. Louie Armstrong wire a Jewish star in honor of a Jewish family who was kind to him.

  • Pipi got dizzy and evacuated to hospital in Tel Aviv. He’ll be all right. Unfortunately.

  • It is really sad JTF goes here. I mean many private companies do discriminate against black men. And of course Sharpton, and Farakhan do nothing to help black men and Farakhan isn’t liked by many black men.

    This basically is what those who hate Israel want to claim that the issue with Palestinians is the same as the issue with blacks in the USA and that is just not the case. You are just giving fodder to those who believe that.

  • The 4 Ugly Democrat Females in “The Squad” are the younger dumber uglier Communist Version of The Golden Girls
    As Stupid as they are Ugly, with a Total Collective IQ of
    -100 , Negative 100

  • jewishpress.com
    has an article headlined
    “Unless Israel can Be Blamed, Human Rights Violations Never Happen”
    By Dexter Van Zile February 8, 2022

  • CNN Fareed Zakaria special Sunday night says we need more immigrants or we will fall behind.

  • Did you mean to spell it Bibi , as in
    Bibi Netanyahu , some jokingly call him Satanyahu , and said
    The character of the talking dog
    Brian Griffin on “Family Guy”

  • Chaim you should be Desantis’s strategist. You convinced me and I in turn convinced others with your arguments.

    You should convince your supporters in America to argue for Desantis with people they know, online, radio etc.

    His record alone and trump’s laclaster one speaks volumes.

  • Isabella Santorum should run for president on the Republican line.

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