Obama Releases Another Gitmo Prisoner — This Time it’s a Bomb Expert

bombWe feel safer. Really.

Sixteen prisoners have been released from Guantanamo Bay since the beginning of the year as part of President Obama’s promised Gitmo cleansing. But like so many others before, there is something interesting about one of the last two released: he was an expert bomb maker for Al Qaeda.

The president has continually assured that these detainees won’t make it back to the battleground, yet that hasn’t been the case. There are plenty of examples of large numbers joining the Islamic State and other Syrian terror groups after release. Some became leaders of  terror groups, as did Ibrahim Qosi who is now a leader of Al Qaeda in Yemen.

But there’s probably no need to worry about this bomb maker. As is pointed at over at RedState, Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed al-Sawah previously specialized in IEDs and all sorts of exploding mayhem. His file indicated that his devices helped to sink US naval vessels, as well as served as the prototype for the shoe-bomb. The federal government is confident, however, that his cooperation with demands upon his release ensures he will not associate with an extremist group.

And with that assurance, plus Obama’s ability to keep promises, you can bet the terrorist, like a lot of the others, will be right back doing what they do best: death on a massive scale.


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