Obama State Dept. Refuses to Condemn Seizure of U.S. Cargo Ship Fired On and Captured by Iran

la-fg-iran-us-cargo-ship-seized-20150428-001It’s an Obama world.

The Obama State Department today refused to condemn the seizure of a Marshall Islands ship by the Iranian regime.

Jeff Rathke from the State Department briefing refused to condemn the actions:

Reporter: What do you consider the Iranian act? Is it a — an act of piracy, act of violence?

Rathke: Again, I’m — this I think is underway. I’m not going to apply an adjective to it right now. We are following the situation very carefully, but I’m not going to…

Reporter: But do you condemn it?

Rathke: Well, again, we’re gathering more information. I don’t have further reaction at this point. Yes, Brad?

The Marshall Islands, a small country that gained independence from the U.S. in 1986, will almost definitely have to rely on the U.S. to retrieve a cargo ship flying its flag that was commandeered Tuesday by Iran’s Navy, apparently in Iranian waters.


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