• If Fernando Mateo wins the Republican primary we should vote for him in the general election. Under no circumstance should we ever vote for Curtis Sliwa. Even Eric Adams is preferable to that bullshitting clown Sliwa.

  • Mateo is a gun grabber.

  • There were black slaves in NY and Brooklyn do your research. Tell the whole truth.

  • Change your party affiliation to Republican. The Democrats are far left. We can change NY to real conservative Republican territory if people register Republican.

    • I disagree. If Jews are already registered as Democrats, stay there so we can have some say in the Democrat chosen to run in the general election. The NYC mayor and citywide offices will always be Democrats so let’s have some say in those elected

  • Totally idiotic comment. One is bad as the other or worse. We had 24 years of Republican mayors. Now the Dems are left wing and Communist. What choice is that?

  • thanks again

  • Harlan Mandel lists his religion as Christian.

  • That is terrible, however, I wish Chaim would stop with specifically picking on blacks for affirmative action. It is a problem in his world too. Some religious Jews have weaponized this that they can’t be criticized for anything or the person is “anti-semitic”. Some women in the community weaponize womanhood that they also can’t be criticized. Some religious Jews do benefit that they fit a stereotype and weaponize their religion to get ahead even though they have limited skills sadly.

    And that is why they support people like this! People that play identity politics support others who engage in it. That is what they understand and if they do it themselves if someone else does it they feel it is “needed” to get ahead.

    Jews have these problems too sadly.

  • I am leaning towards Garcia. Experience actually running a city service. Doesn’t seem overly radical. Im the general I vote Republican.

  • I believe the next mayor will be Curtis Sliwa. I never underestimate the ability of New Yorkers to be abyssmally stupid. If he can get a hundred of his red bereted clowns 🤡 to prance around all night while he goes to sleep 🛌 in his million dollar upper east side condo, he can get a million retarded voters to vote for him and Rudy Giuliani will swear him in

  • Who do you support mr anonymous?

  • For mayor who is on the ballot?

  • Chaim how about Garcia for mayor? Opinion?

  • According to popularbio.com harlan mandell was born into a Jewish family.

  • Who is prettier? Maya Wiley or Chirlane McCray DeBlasio?

  • Dvar Tanakh, to Americans the US Constitution is like our Torah.

  • He is leaving out Adams life of corruption and deceit. We all know he has Abe Friedman on his Borough President payroll just to curry favor with the jews. Adams is a piece of crap. He has pulled the wool over your eyes. he wins the city deserves what it gets.

  • I get the feeling that you JTFers are just dying to vote for that lying, serial philandering, thieving clown Sliwa. If you do, stretch your foreskins back to their original size and burn your Bar Mitzvah certificates. .

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