Police expel 800 innocent Jews from their homes and land in Israel; 12 arrested and Jewish youths beaten

This is such a disgrace. Innocent Jews are being expelled from their homes in Israel to appease Arab Muslim terrorists who openly call for a holocaust against the Jewish people.

The Police spokesman stated Thursday that “police units in the Amona area will continue and complete the evacuation of the area. Police officers are talking with leaders of the community in an effort to deal with the situation and complete the evacuation of the synagogue without major incidents.

At present a number of youths are barricaded inside the synagogue of Amona and police are preparing to break into the synagogue.

“Since the evacuation began yesterday 24 policeman were injured lightly and over 800 people have been removed from the area by police officers. 13 people were arrested for throwing stones at officers and being involved in disturbances during the evacuation.”‏

And it’s reported that innocent young Jews were beaten without any reason:

Dozens of youths are holed up inside the Amona Shul. They davened vosikin this morning, Thursday, 6 Shevat, and they are now waiting for police who are expected to complete the eviction of the community today.

Police report most of the homes and people have already been evacuated.

Many of the detainees report that once they were carried to the waiting buses, out of sight of the cameras, police confiscated phones and cameras and then began beating youths indiscriminately. Honenu is investigating these reports.

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