Poll: Trump’s Support Among Republicans Drops

We told you so. Should have voted for Ted Cruz.

President Donald Trump’s base supporters are turning away, leaving him with a 37 percent disapproval rating, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

In a March 7 survey done by Quinnipiac, Trump’s disapproval rating was at 41 percent.

The results show Trump is losing support among key elements of his supporters:

  • Men disapprove 43 – 52 percent, compared to a 49 – 45 percent approval March 7;
  • Republicans approve 81 – 14 percent, compared to 91 – 5 percent two weeks ago;
  • White voters disapprove 44 – 50 percent, compared to a narrow 49 – 45 percent approval March 7.

Among women, 60 percent disapprove of Trump; 90 percent among Democrats, 60 percent among independents and 75 percent among non-white voters.

“Although taking a beating, he keeps on tweeting to the point where even his fiercely loyal base appears to be eroding,” said Tim Malloy, assistant poll director at Quinnipiac University.

Other criticisms of the president from the poll results:

  • 60 percent say Trump is not honest.
  • 55 percent say he does not have good leadership skills.
  • 57 percent say he does not care about average Americans.
  • 66 percent say he is not level-headed.
  • 70 percent said they did not believe former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

A Gallup poll released on Monday gave Trump an approval rating of 37 percent.


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