Pope Francis argues against the Bible; Claims death penalty is a “mortal sin”

Did the Pope ever actually read the Bible?

The Pope just declared the death penalty a “mortal sin”:

… Some things that “once seemed normal and not sinful, are today conceived as mortal sins:

“Think of slavery: at school they told us what they did with the slaves taking them from one place and selling them in another…. That is a mortal sin” he said.

But that, he said, is what we believe today. Back then it was deemed acceptable because people believed that some did not have a soul. It was necessary, the Pope said, to move on to better understand the faith and to better understand morality.

And reflecting bitterly on the fact that today “there are no slaves”, Pope Francis pointed out there are in fact many more of them…. but at least, he said, we know that to enslave someone is to commit a mortal sin.

The same goes for the death penalty: “once it was considered normality; today we say that it is inadmissible” he said.

I’d like to add that any of G-d’s commandments are NEVER a “mortal sin”. But homosexuality, which the Pope excuses, is a mortal sin.

Let’s look as some examples:

Whoever strikes someone and he dies will surely be put to death. Exodus 21:12-14

And whoever kidnaps someone and sells him, or he is found in his possession, he will surely be put to death. Exodus 21:16

As for the man who lies with a male as lying with a woman, they have committed a detestable thing; they shall surely be put to death—their blood is on them. Leviticus 20:13

So did the Pope ever actually read the Bible? Or is he just pushing leftist propaganda?

I could say it’s a mortal sin to claim mass-murdering terrorists are actually “angels or peace” so they can murder Jews.


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