• Chaim please… Cut back on the stuff about blacks. Yes, they can tell the truth in trial. Its documented. I have worked with legal groups that freed wrongfully convicted blacks and they were acquitted based on hard evidence including DNA. Its only gonna make things worse. Yes there are black anti-semites especially in NYC where you are but there are many who love Israel and the Jews. I went to several of them when I was living in Omaha and in Los Angeles.

    By the way, nearly all the black churches in Socal Including those in the ghettos have a conservative bent including support for traditional marriage AND ISRAEL.

    Leftist black churches like the ones run by Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright are very very rare.

    And that said, the GOP is no longer worthwhile. They and the Democrats are corporate owned, our Democracy is almost non-existant. Its time for a third party and a revolution. If not one like in the 1960s, one like the 1770s.

  • Mayor de Blakio is turning 5th Ave into BLM avenue.

  • Thanks to bots, it’s possible to run thousands of
    transactions at the same time

  • Just weeks after Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters ended
    their 12-day marriage, the movie mogul is engaged to
    another woman, according to a report.

    drugs pamela

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