• Kissinger is dead.

    • Henry Kissinger has died at
      100 years young

    • Has anyone seen the fdd.org article by Richard Goldberg on
      October 25, 2023

    • About the Criminal Regime in
      Tehran ,
      theguardian.com has an article headlined
      “Iran ‘using Gaza conflict as cover’ for execution of 127 people since war began”
      Deepa Parent
      Sat 2 Dec 2023
      Iran is Nobody’s Friend

    • A person typed online 2 days ago about Pro-Hamas “protestors” who wanted to disrupt the
      Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting in New York City
      “These Palestinian-HAMAS supporters are upset that U S tax dollars are being given to Israel which allegedly perpetrates violence against “innocents”.
      Why then aren’t they equally upset about BILLIONS in US aid given to the Palestinians which is mostly misappropriated and used to kill innocent Israelis?

      When confronted with a Jew hating Hamas fan, ask them to explain.
      Ask them the last time they protested the PA or HAMAS or any Palestinian group that stole, misused, or “lost” billions in US and other foreign aid-that was used to build a massive military machine to kill Jews, as their own people suffered and remain mired in misery.


    • Many Jews and Non-Jews alike have pointed out that Jewish people deserve to be Treated with the Same Love and Respect as Anyone and Everyone Else , it’s That Simple
      Jewish people have
      Feelings Also, we didn’t Choose to be Jewish and Honestly often we don’t like being Jewish either
      Jews deserve to be Treated with the Same Love and Respect as Anyone and Everyone Else

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “DID YOU KNOW?

      There are thousands of stray cats and dogs in Palestine. The Palestinian Authority’s official policy is to SHOOT and POISON all stray dogs and cats.

      In 2022 the Mayor of Hebron in the West Bank, Tayseer Abu Sneineh, offered citizens 20 shekels ($5.6) for every dog they killed. Images of Palestinians killing and torturing animals were posted to social media.

      Stray dogs and cats subjected to killings in absolute agony. Those poisoned convulse in seizures. Those shot are often wounded and left to die slowly from their injuries.

      Abu Sneineh is a convicted terrorist, imprisoned with three others for his role in a 1980 attack that took the lives of six yeshiva students, two of whom were US citizens and one Canadian. One of the US citizens was a decorated Vietnam war veteran. Sixteen others were injured in the attack. Only in the Palestinian Authority can murderers hold public office. The Wild West of the West Bank has its own rules, and these are the monsters that Biden wants us to place in Gaza.

      No one is surprised that the Palestinian Authority educates for murder, encourages terrorism and that the murderers are their cultural heroes and the leaders of their younger generation.


      SOURCE: OIPA International Organization for Animal Protection.”

    • Everything about Fakestinian people is Offensive, that is why Israel is still continuing it’s Ground offensive in Gaza

    • Anyone else hear that many of the Hamas Terrorists on October 7th, 2023 were high on
      a synthetic amphetamine called Captagon , that and their usual Arab Instincts

    • A person typed online earlier today “Breaking!
      Some American universities are *selling their students to Qatar!*

      Qatar is one of the biggest donors to American universities.
      Qatar is also the most significant *financial back for Hamas terror.*

      Next time you see a pro-Palestinian rally on campus… *Just follow the money.*

      Don’t get fooled by them. ”
      We Hate Qatar Forever

    • Some people cry and whine that
      Fakestinians are being
      “Dehumanized” After the Hamas Attacks of October 7th, 2023
      Boo Hoo , the Unspeakable Horror, Who Cares
      Look at how Fakestinians, Arabs and the Entire World always relentlessly , Mercilessly Always Dehumanized Jews and Israel for Thousands upon Thousands of Years. Sadly Jews and Israel are the Eternal Victims , More than All other Groups of People
      Combined , Why should anyone cry for Fakestinians when they Never Show any Empathy, Sympathy or Compassion for Others

    • The New York Post, nypost.com has an article headlined
      “Moment ‘hero’ Israeli hostage Rimon Kirsht gives Hamas captor a death stare during release”
      By Olivia Land
      Published Nov. 29, 2023
      She had Guts for giving a
      death stare

    • It’s Very Disturbing that
      Many Non-Jews may
      “seem” nice and be great people in many ways but sometimes the truth comes out that they hold Anti-Semitic, Anti-Jewish, &
      Anti-Israel views , Very Disturbing, they have fallen for
      Fakestinian & Arab Propaganda and Lies, for Satan’s Lies against Jews and Israel
      Can you see why some Jews may have the view and fear that within every
      Gentile there is either a
      Jew-Killer or Potential Jew-Killer and have a Fear of Non-Jews and
      Anti-Semitism that is sadly growing worse all over America and Worldwide

      • These Non-Jews that
        “seem” nice are crying for the poor poor “Palestinians” the
        Precious Palestinians, but Not for the Innocent Israeli Victims or Hostages and the Jewish Israelis living in Fear after
        October 7th, 2023

    • A person typed online earlier today about the Current War between
      Israel and Hamas in Gaza
      “When it comes to who to side with in this conflict, the moral, ethical choice is to take the side of the faction that doesn’t burn babies alive and gangrape women to death, and doesn’t then flee behind civilian human shields like cowards.” On the bright side, so far no reports of Cannibalism by the Fakestinian Terrorists on
      October 7th, 2023

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “Over 200,000 Jews have to be resettled because of the October 7th invasion by Hamas that were living in cities near the Gaza Strip and in the north near Lebanon while rockets are being fired into Israel day and night from Gaza,Yemen. Lebanon and the West Bank while Hamas killed 4 people in a dastardly attack in Jerusalem earlier this week.”
      Every time a Fakestinian gets a broken nail , the whole world blames Israel and the Jews

    • neverthirsty.org has an article headlined
      ” God Will Punish The Sins of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Judaism”

    • timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
      “Hamas drugged freed Gaza hostages to make them seem calm and happy — Health Ministry” on December 5, 2023

    • A person typed online on December 4, 2023
      “This coming Thursday December 7th is the 82nd anniversary of 1941 Pearl Harbors sneak attack by the Japanese empire upon sleeping American soldiers and sailors killing over 2000 and wounding countless others . Men and women both permanently disabled and it started World War 2.
      I asked my grandson if he knew what December 7th meant and he’s aware of the significance of the day. He’s 21 years old. For all my friends ask your grandchildren if they’re more than 16 years old if they know anything about that day.
      It’s highly doubtful because history is really not taught in schools anymore but Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are major issues.
      Today with the rise of Anti American and Anti Semitism growing in our country the danger of repeating history with our country taking over by left wing progressives, illegal aliens spreading and ruining cities in blue states. American taxpayers supporting them while homeless veterans sleeping under bridges.
      … Time to wake up America and protect our country before another Pearl Harbor occurs from foreign enemies or another 9/11 from those terrorists sneaking in across our unprotected borders.”
      Anyone Else Agree ?

    • france24.com has an article headlined
      “Iran sues Canada for allowing victims to pursue terror charges”
      On June 29, 2023
      Can you believe that BS
      Hypocrisy from Iran ?

    • Many Online Articles have stated that after the Hamas Attacks of
      October 7th, 2023 that Israel Definitely Needs a
      Second Amendment , but only for
      Jewish Israelis obviously , this is Common Sense
      Anyone else agree ? Let’s Take a Vote

    • A person typed online earlier today to someone who was
      Pro-Hamas that
      “so you believe the Palestinians suffered some kind of wrong, real or imagined, and that gives them a special right to murder, rape, burn and pillage to act out their frustration? And that the innocent Israelis who suffered at their hands are somehow to blame for their fate? What a load of garbage. There are people in Asia and Africa (I think the Uyghurs in China as one example) who suffer just as badly as the Palestinians, if not more so, who do not behave like Orcs from Mordor, who do not indoctrinate their own people (including innocent children) with violence and hatred as Fatah and Hamas has done. Trying to excuse such medieval barbarism is moral relativism at it’s worst and it’s thoroughly un-Christian (especially un-Catholic Christian).

      The fact remains, it is irrelevant why Hamas did what they did. All that matters is that they did it, doing it makes them scum”

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “The Brandon administration is trying to control the way Israel is conducting the war against Hamas who control the Gaza Strip. 75 % of Palestinians support Hamas and celebrated October 7th as a victory against the Jews. These are the same people who cheered when the World Trade Center towers went down in New York. Brandon and Obama have sent billions of our taxpayer dollars to Iran and Gaza. These people are responsible for the growing antisemitism in the USA by sending millions to various colleges who fail to protect the Jewish students in the name of free speech and indoctrinating students in colleges and high schools to hate peaceful Jews.
      Did anyone tell the USA how to conduct the war after Pearl Harbor when dropping Atomic bombs on Japan.
      Did anyone, tell the USA how to fight after 9/11.?

      Our Southern border is wide open with many terrorists seeking across ourborder.
      Another attack on America looks imminent while the prez is at the beach
      I stand proudly with Israel.

      How come none of the 57 Muslim Arab countries are willing to accept the Palestians?
      but remember who attacked on October 7th slaughtering innocent civilians,raping women,killing babies and the elderly and kidnapping hundreds.
      Never Again, Never Forget.”

      Never Forgive

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “Is it just a coincidence that the rise in antisemitism is occurring on the elite campuses whose presidents are women, and likely of the same mind as all the MeToo’ing women who have remained silent in response to Hamas’s brutality.” Anyone else agree

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “Harvard has just announced the establishment a new department called “Comprised Ethics and Morality”. Its first course offering is on “Balanced Outrage” to be given by Congressional Representative Pramila Jayapal as guest Professor. The course is not graded, but all the morally compromised students will receive a participation trophy.”

    • Norman Lear has died at 101 he revolutionized American comedy with popular early-’70s sitcoms “All in the Family” and “Sanford and Son,”

    • Did anyone hear that
      Saudi Arabia has asked the United States to show restraint in responding to attacks by Yemen’s Houthis against ships in the Red Sea , can you believe that
      Saudi Arabia is urging
      “restraint” Saudi Arabia which unleashed and caused the Attacks of September 11, 2001 is
      Urging America to show Restaint

  • A person typed online yesterday
    “Go to Wikipedia and type in “Jeffrey Dahmer”. Read the details of his crimes.
    Then imagine a mechanized army of 40,000+ Jeffrey Dahmers.
    That’s Hamas.”

    • jewishpress.com has an article headlined
      “Immoral Pope Francis Rebukes President Herzog over Israeli ‘Terrorism’ ”
      By David Israel on
      December 1, 2023 

  • Another person typed online yesterday
    “The Oakland California City Council passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Israel -Hamas war .Oakland is now and has been for many years the toilet bowl for San Francisco. Nowadays San Francisco has become a large toilet for Sausalito.
    ..I saw the speakers at that city council meeting and I doubt any of them could pass a fifth grade reading test. Duh.
    No wonder the Oakland Raiders football team skipped town to go to Vegas despite having a great history winning Super Bowls under John Madden.
    Now the Oakland A’s baseball team who won 3 straight world series back in the 1970s are skipping out to go to Vegas.
    Who wants to live in a city run by morons.”

  • What is the JTF assessment of the life’s work of Henry Kissinger? Positive or Negative.

  • A person typed online yesterday about Fakestinian “civilians”
    “Can someone explain how there is not a single Palestinian man or woman helping the Jews who were kidnapped to Gaza, the wounded, babies, children and the elderly? The conclusion: there are no innocents in Gaza. They all support terrorism and take an active part in it.”
    How many people here agree ?

    • Another person typed online yesterday
      “I will not, however, condone dishonest and manipulative attempts to paint Palestinians as victims in this situation. Those who support terrorism are as morally guilty as those who are committing the acts themselves. There is no such thing as an innocent Palestinian.”

    • A person typed in reply about the Fakestinian “civilians” in Gaza
      “Case in point. An Israeli escaped capture by Hamas, only to be captured by Gazans and turned over to Hamas. After his release he wrote about his experience. No, they are not innocent.”

  • A person typed online yesterday
    “*Why is there no international demand to release Israeli hostages, violently kidnapped from their homes?!?*

    Why has the Red Cross done *NOTHING* to help Israeli hostages, held over 50 days in horrific conditions?

    Why is Israel being treated differently than any other nation in such a situation?

    *This is NOT a hostage exchange. Israel does not take hostages!*
    This is a deal with the devil – Israel is releasing Hamas terrorist prisoners in order to get its innocent hostages back – babies, children, elderly, women and men.

    *And world organizations remain silent.* “

  • Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court, has died at age 93
    When she was alive and serving on the court, how many people said to her You Go Girl !

  • A person typed online earlier today about Pro-Hamas “protestors” that
    “Why didn’t the Romans, who created Palestine- Ottomans, French or British declare a “Palestinian” state? What makes these Nazified protesters think Israel has no right to exist. The actual occupation when Rome Crucified Jewish rebels to include Jesus. Pagan Rome’s occupation of that area lasted for roughly 400 years followed by Christian Rome’s and then Constantinople’s (Ottoman Turkish) occupation for 300 years. The first 100 years from Pompey’s conquest in 63 BCE to the end of Pontius Pilate’s governorship in 36 CE were terrible. The occupation by the real grifters ended in 1948 when the Jews of Europe left out at sea to die said enough…”

  • The Jerusalem Post jpost.com
    has a Superb article headlined
    “Noa Tishby slams Rashida Tlaib for ‘from the river to the sea’ claim” By SAM HALPERN  NOVEMBER 4, 2023  , A Must Read

  • gatestoneinstitue.org has an article headlined “When Neutrality is Immoral: Israel, Hamas, and the Problem of Moral Equivalence”
    by André Villeneuve
    November 19, 2023

  • More about Fakestinian Evil and Wickedness
    jewishpress.com has an article headlined
    “UNRWA Demands Proof of Staff Collaboration with Hamas, and Social Media Readers Comply”
    By Hana Levi Julian December 2, 2023 Defund UNRWA
    Sue Qatar and Iran for Every Last Dollar
    UNRWA is Diabolical

  • The Jerusalem Post ,
    jpost.com has an article headlined
    “Global antisemitism soars by 1,180% amid war with Hamas”
    By ZVIKA KLEIN NOVEMBER 1, 2023 Thanks to the
    Fakestinian People

  • timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
    “The Israel we knew died on October 7. The new nation will be scarred for generations”
    7 Nov 2023

  • A person typed online
    “Right after Kristallnacht, the National Negro Congress asked President Roosevelt “to provide in America a free haven for the oppressed Jewish people.” Journalist and Harvard educated Attorney John P. Davis, national secretary of the congress, wired Mr. Roosevelt that “Negro people in America, representing a minority in our democracy, are deeply concerned over the inhuman barbarism being practiced on the Jewish minority in Nazi Germany.” Is this true ?

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