• Rabbi Kahane was a bridge to the Bnái Nohach as required in Acts 15:21. We have not forgotten his blessed memory.

    • The fact is that Meir Kahane is Not dead, but rather he is alive and conscious in Heaven, watching over us all and smiling. The Bible teaches that ultimately in the future, only God knows when, but ultimately in the future. That those righteous humans who have passed away and are conscious in Heaven will ultimately return to this physical planet Earth to live forever on Earth. On the New Earth where there will be no more Evil, suffering or injustice. This includes
      the late Rabbi Meir Kahane , so
      Meir Kahane will be back,
      He will live again !!
      Meir Kahane will once again walk the streets of Manhattan.
      Meir Kahane will Never be killed again !!
      However right now in 2021 it’s deeply upsetting how American Public High School students are Never taught about the life and beliefs of Meir Kahane. They should be required to learn about Kahane..

    • Mr. Clarke , some Bible Prophecy teachers have claimed that according to Jewish Eschatology Rabbi Meir Kahane was actually Messiah ben Joseph , and that the life of Rabbi Kahane was proof that the Biblical War of
      Gog and Magog was near , perhaps the Psalm 83 War as well, Battle of Armageddon, That the life of Rabbi Kahane was proof that we are Living in the Last Days/End Times According to Bible Prophecy

    • Mr. Clarke, could you please elaborate on Acts 15:21 it’s context and how it relates to the late Rabbi Meir Kahane

    • Mr. Clarke, do you also want to see the Face of
      Rabbi Meir Kahane added to
      Mount Rushmore ?

    • Mr. Clarke , in your opinion who or what is the “Whore of Babylon” mentioned in Revelation Chapter 17 in the Bible ? Do you believe in the “Rapture” which view of the Rapture is correct, Pre-Trib,
      Post-Trib , etc

    • Mr. Clarke , does the
      U.S. Government, FEMA and other World Governments take the
      “Rapture” doctrine Seriously, do they take Bible Prophecy Seriously ? What Emergency Plans does
      FEMA and the U.S. Government have in Place if the Rapture Happens and countless Hundreds of Millions or Billions of Christians suddenly vanish into thin air and are “beamed up” as they say in
      Star Trek, what Emergency Plans are in place for those who are
      “Left Behind”
      Ever hear of something called
      Project Blue Beam ?

      • What plans does FEMA
        have in place for when the
        Rapture Happens ?
        Also don’t confuse
        Project Blue Beam with
        Project Blue Book
        Anyone hear of something called The Graeda Treaty ? That was allegedly signed by
        President Dwight Eisenhower and Extraterrestrials , look it up
        Some have claimed that there are no Aliens(Extraterrestrials) that those are really Demons(Fallen Angels) in Disguise out to Deceive Humans , anyone hear that theory ? Many people have said UFO’S are Demonic

  • A most necessary presentation by Chaim Ben Pesach spokesperson of the JTF of which most Jews are unaware. This type of Jewish education of our Jewish History needs to be continually exposed in this very manner that is not altered.

  • What a man what a loss to humanity! And to all you self hating Jews who think he promoted Anti-Semites let me tell you that I looked at white supremacist websites and forums and they are saying that Jews like him and Bentzi Gopstien are Jews they respect! No joke!

    • Kyle, Anti-Semites & Jew-Haters actually admit online that
      Fakestinian people are completely useless and just use the
      Fakestinians to get at Jews and Israel

    • Kyle, some Christians have even said that Meir Kahane was the
      2nd greatest human being in
      World History , 2nd only
      to Jesus of Nazareth

  • As a matter of fact the
    jewishpress.com website has an article headlined
    “Mother Sarah Was The First Kahanist!”
    By Ariel Natan Pasko on November 21, 2019, about how
    Sarah the wife of Abraham in the Bible, how Sarah was basically the first Kahanist

  • On YouTube there is a Superb song by Michael Elias titled
    “A Special Man” this song was made to Honor Rabbi Meir Kahane.
    A superb Song, did anyone else listen to it

    • Plus on YouTube, there is a another superb video titled
      “kahane song” uploaded
      on June 23, 2015 , in this video we again hear the song
      “A Special Man” but we see Superb video footage from the Life of Rabbi Meir Kahane

      • Plus an Evangelical Christian recently said online about the song “A Special Man” by Michael Elias that :
        “The words of the song extolling Kahane could be applied even more to Jesus Christ. As Al Runge says, “If only the Jews knew how much Jesus loves them”! ” he was referring to Pastor
        Albert Runge who was also from Brooklyn !!

    • Plus many people have said that the words and Lyrics in the song
      “A Special Man” by
      Michael Elias , that the words and lyrics in this song remind them of
      Jesus in the Bible , the song makes them think of Jesus

      • They are Not Comparing
        Meir Kahane & Jesus Christ to Each Other, but they admit that the words and lyrics in
        “A Special Man” by
        Michael Elias Perfectly fits the description of the Life & Person of Jesus Christ , Jesus of Nazareth
        An Amazing Coincidence

        • Yes Indeed , a Very Amazing Coincidence, most Christians if they listened to this song would be Reminded of Jesus !!

  • Kyle, Two very good online quotes that definitely define
    Meir Kahane :
    From Spiritualcleansing. Org a good quote is
    “A Real Man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is. A coward hides behind Lies and deceit” Meir Kahane was an Honest Man
    Also from QuoteFancy. Com a Quote from Pastor Rick Warren
    “A lie doesn’t become truth, Wrong doesn’t become right and evil doesn’t become good, Just because it’s accepted by a majority”
    Meir Kahane would definitely agree with that
    Rick Warren quote

  • Years ago an online article said that Rabbi Meir Kahane was a great leader , and “a different kind of Rabbi” as a compliment & also
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane was the quintessential rabbi in the fullest sense of the word and represented many things to many people”

  • The famous singer, songwriter
    Bob Dylan had a very positive view of Rabbi Kahane.
    Also the famous American singer, Songwriter, Musician
    Kurt Cobain famously said “I’d rather be hated for who I am, Than loved for who I am not” that was exactly the same type of cool attitude that
    Rabbi Meir Kahane had, ! Meir Kahane had the attitude “I am what I am, And if the World doesn’t like it I don’t give a damn” Kurt Cobain lived from
    1967 to 1994, He died at the age of 27 years young

  • The website 5TJT. Com has an article headlined-
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane is a Role Model to people who Stutter” by Adam R. Lichter on September 2, 2012
    Jewishness. Com has an article about Kahane headlined
    “The Key to Greatness” by Tzvi Fishman on
    June 6, 2012
    Blogs. Timesofisrael. Com on February 24, 2019 has an article
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane Followers are not Racist Monsters” by Moshe-Mordechai van Zeiden
    Jewishpress. Com has an article headlined
    “No, Rabbi Kahane was Not A Racist” on
    February 28, 2019 by Rabbi Yehuda L. Oppenheimer
    Jewishpress. Com has another article headlined
    “Thirty-Six Little-Known Admirers of
    Rabbi Meir Kahane” by
    Rabbi Shlomo Moriah on
    November 18, 2016

    • Correction, the article
      “The Key to Greatness”
      By Tzvi Fishman is from the website Jewishpress.com

  • Did anyone see the 2019 documentary film
    “The Prophet” about the life of Rabbi Meir Kahane..? Is it worth watching..?

  • When is Hollywood going to Make a Movie to Honor the Life and Beliefs of Rabbi Meir Kahane and portray him in a positive Light , as the Hero that he Was

    • After all in 1992
      Hollywood released the Movie
      “Malcolm X” about the Vile
      Anti-Semite Bigot
      Malcolm X, why can’t Hollywood make a Movie to Honor the Life and Beliefs of the great
      Rabbi Meir Kahane

  • Why won’t Hollywood make a Movie to positively portray the Life and Beliefs of
    Rabbi Meir Kahane , are they afraid it would be “too controversial” or
    “offensive” to some people ?
    Give Meir Kahane his Movie

  • When Hollywood ultimately makes a Movie to Honor the Life and Beliefs of Rabbi Kahane.
    Who should play Meir Kahane ?
    Plus some have said that the
    Kahane movie would have to be
    Rated R , to show the seriousness of the topic and the Evil, Wicked nature of the Anti-Semites & Jew-Haters, it’s definitely an
    R rated topic . The Kahane movie should be Both Educational and Entertaining

  • Countless people want
    Meir Kahane to Live Again
    The Fact is ultimately in the Future, only God Knows when, but ultimately in the Future
    Meir Kahane will Return to Earth
    Him and countless other great people in Human History will Ultimately Return to Earth, as the
    Bible Teaches, it’s that simple
    Plus when Meir Kahane ultimately Returns to Earth,
    Imagine Wikipedia updating it’s entry for Meir Kahane listing the exact day Kahane returns to Earth

  • Meir Kahane was a great leader and a Hero, just like legendary British Prime Minister
    Sir Winston Churchill was a great leader of the British Nation during World War II

  • Articles online tell how
    J. Edgar Hoover was obsessed with Rabbi Meir Kahane.
    President Richard Nixon Knew about Kahane
    J. Edgar Hoover & Nixon both knew that Meir Kahane was truly one of a kind and a great leader

  • A good idea ,
    Congress should add the Face of
    Rabbi Meir Kahane to the famous
    Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, USA
    Who else wants to see the Face of Rabbi Meir Kahane added to
    Mount Rushmore

  • The Face of Rabbi Meir Kahane should have been added to
    Mount Rushmore years ago, shortly after he was killed on
    November 5, 1990
    Anyone else agree ?

  • In addition to adding
    Meir Kahane’s face to
    Mount Rushmore, America needs to Make Rabbi Meir Kahane’s
    Birthday a National Holiday, just like Martin Luther King Jr. day

  • When Rabbi Meir Kahane ultimately Returns to Earth , it will be a great Moment for All Humanity,
    A Triumphant Victory Over Anti-Semitism &
    Jew-Hatred, seeing
    Meir Kahane Return to Earth , to Live Forever on the New Earth
    It is Not just Meir Kahane that will
    Return to Earth, but countless other great people in Human History who are currently alive & conscious in Heaven , the Bible teaches that Ultimately in the Future, they will All Return to Live Forever on the New Earth, on this Physical Planet Earth, where there will be no more Evil, Suffering, Injustice or Hatred
    Winston Churchill , Abraham Lincoln will Also Return to Earth
    Martin Luther King Jr. will Also Return to Earth

  • Did anyone else hear the shocking news
    Former Japanese Prime Minister
    Shinzo Abe was tragically assassinated on July 8, 2022
    Shinzo Abe was the longest serving Prime Minister of Japan and a True Friend of Israel and the Jewish people
    From Wikipedia it says about the tragic assassination of
    Shinzo Abe
    “On 8 July 2022, Abe was shot twice while delivering a campaign speech in Nara, and died of his wounds later the same day after reportedly suffering a cardiopulmonary arrest.[310][311][18][312] He was 67. The police arrested the alleged shooter, 41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami, following the shooting.[313]

    The assassin used a homemade gun which fired two shots, the first striking Abe in the neck and the second striking him fatally in the heart.[314]” Very Sad , this reminds me and other people of the tragic Assassination of
    Rabbi Meir Kahane on
    Monday November 5, 1990 at the age of 58
    Meir Kahane was 58

  • What did Shinzo Abe think of
    Rabbi Meir Kahane ? The tragic assassination of Shinzo Abe reminds many people of the assassination of
    Meir Kahane on
    Monday November 5, 1990
    RIP Shinzo Abe
    Remember, ultimately in the Future , Shinzo Abe will Ultimately Return to Earth and Live Again, him, Kahane and other countless great people in Human History as the Bible Teaches

  • We all Know that because
    The late former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was a True
    Friend to Israel, that even as we speak, the Fakestinians and other Arabs are all probably celebrating the cold-blooded assassination and murder of Shinzo Abe, the
    Fakestinians and other Arabs are being their usual Sadistic Childish immature selves , practicing their usual
    Arab Evil & Arab Wickedness .
    Truly Sick and Disgusting

  • According to a 2010 article from
    The Jerusalem Post website
    jpost.com it says about the Assassination of Meir Kahane that El Sayyid Nosair had two co-conspirators the night Kahane was Killed and that
    “The men, Bilal al-Kaisi of Jordan and Mohammed Salameh, a Palestinian illegal alien later involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, have never been charged for their part in the slaying.” Why haven’t those two
    Arabs been Tracked down and brought to Justice, Why ?

  • As we Speak,
    Meir Kahane is currently alive and Conscious in Heaven, but when
    The Face of Meir Kahane is
    Ultimately added to
    Mount Rushmore , just think how
    Proud Kahane will be , seeing his Face added to the famous Monument

  • The Four United States Presidents on Mount Rushmore
    George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln ,
    Those 4 Presidents would All Know that Rabbi Meir Kahane was a Hero that rised out of the Ashes of the Holocaust .

  • Those 4 Presidents on
    Mount Rushmore , they would All Agree that Meir Kahane deserves to be the 5th Face added to the
    National Memorial ,

  • Also in a video from 1989 we see Meir Kahane marching with supporters in an Israeli Day Parade, down the streets of Manhattan, New York City, in the video we see a woman saying proudly
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane The Greatest Rabbi that ever lived, there he is, in the parade, the People’s Rabbi”
    Yes Indeed

  • Another good reason the Face of
    Meir Kahane belongs on
    Mount Rushmore ….
    A few years ago around 2020
    An article on the Internet said about Meir Kahane “Apparently, the name “Kahane” has great power”
    That was from a
    Pro-Kahane article

  • Anyone read the 2012 Book “A Nation of Wusses: How America’s Leaders Lost the Guts to make us Great” by Ed Rendell ,

    Rabbi Meir Kahane was No Wuss, that’s for True, he had cojones as the Spanish would say.. he was called

    “The Fiery Rabbi” “Firebrand” “Rabble Rousing Rabbi” “Rowdy Rabbi”

  • Plus
    The website upworthy.com
    has an article headlined
    “People are sharing the one American non-president they’d add to Mount Rushmore”
    by Tod Perry on April 13, 2022

    Many people want
    Meir Kahane added to Mount Rushmore

  • The 1973 episode of “All in the Family” Titled
    “Archie Is Branded” was clearly based on the
    Real Life Rabbi Meir Kahane and His Movement , anyone see that episode ?

    • It was sad at the end of this episode “Archie Is Branded” how Mr. Paul Benjamin was Killed,
      Archie Bunker was very sad seeing how Paul was killed,
      Archie may be a bigot at times, but he was No Nazi , this episode of
      “All in the Family” had one of the saddest endings according to Viewers

      • Why didn’t
        Rabbi Meir Kahane ever host
        Saturday Night Live , SNL ?
        Other highly controversial people have hosted SNL in the past , why Not Meir Kahane ?
        Imagine Kahane in the opening sketch saying the famous words
        “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night” and Kahane doing the opening Monologue,
        Other people have said that
        Meir Kahane should have been on the Cover of
        “TV Guide” that TV Guide magazine should have had articles about the great
        Meir Kahane and his Movement

      • The All in The Family episode
        “Archie is Branded” can be viewed on dailymotion.com

  • We all Know that
    Rabbi Meir Kahane was truly
    The Big Kahuna
    Kahuna Kahane
    Kahane the Big Kahuna

  • Did you know that many people jokingly call the famous 1982 movie
    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
    The Wrath of Kahane as in
    The Great Rabbi Meir Kahane
    What do we think ?
    The Wrath of Kahane , They didn’t mean that Kahane was a villain like
    The character of
    Khan Noonien Singh , but it’s just a wordplay joke

  • About The Wrath of Khan aka The Wrath of Kahane
    Many have said the Music in The Wrath of Khan is very sad,moving & epic,
    it reminds them of the Nazi Holocaust of The Second World War, the sadness & tragedy of the Holocaust, it was Truly Satanic, Hitler and the Nazis tried to eliminate an entire race of people from the face of the Earth, in total 11 million people were killed in the Holocaust, the Sad Music on the opening credits to this film, then the words
    “In the 23rd Century…” appear on the Screen , then later near the end of this film , The music is sad,moving & epic when Kirk lures Khan and the Reliant into the Mutara Nebula , this scene also reminds people of the Sadness of the Holocaust
    Spock says to Kirk: “They are reducing speed”
    Kirk says to Uhura: “Uhura Patch me In”
    Uhura replies “Aye, Sir Your’e on Admiral”
    Kirk says to Khan “This is Admiral Kirk, we tried it once your way Khan are you game for a rematch? Khan! I’m laughing at the superior intellect” after the Holocaust of World War II, Countless Christians & Jews alike have said Never Forget, Never Again, Never Again For Anyone

  • Itamar Ben-Gvir says
    Rabbi Meir Kahane was a Hero , click on

    • Four Epic Words about
      Rabbi Meir Kahane
      “A Hero Shall Rise” or Also
      “A Hero Will Rise” which Expression sounds better

  • When Rabbi Meir Kahane ultimately Returns to Earth , what would we like to say to him ?
    We Know that someday
    Meir Kahane will Return to Earth along with countless other great people in Human History.
    Until then American High School Students should be Required to Learn about Rabbi Kahane and how he was a Hero that Rised out of the Ashes of the Holocaust

  • Plus when Rabbi Meir Kahane
    Ultimately Returns to Earth , and He Will Indeed Ultimately Return to Earth
    To Live Forever on This
    Physical Planet Earth ,
    When Meir Kahane ultimately Returns to Live Forever on Earth , We Hope God Will make it so that Literally Every Single Man, Woman and Child on the Planet will Know who
    Rabbi Meir Kahane Was in his first Earthly Life of 1932-1990 and in his New Earthly Life when he
    Ultimately Returns to Live Forever on Earth along with countless other great people in Human History as the Bible Teaches. And Yes The Bible does Indeed Teach This . That countless great human beings in Human History who have passed away and are currently alive and conscious in Heaven, that ultimately in the Future, only God Knows when, but ultimately in the Future, these countless great people in Human History will All Ultimately Return to This Physical Planet Earth, to Live Forever on the New Earth, where there will be no more Evil, Suffering or Injustice…

  • Sadly in 2022 many people have never even heard of the Great
    Rabbi Meir Kahane and his Life , they never even heard of
    Meir Kahane, sadly many Jews have Never heard of him , that’s very sad,

  • However when
    Meir Kahane ultimately Returns to Earth , and he will Ultimately Return, He Will Live Again,
    When Kahane does Return to Earth, we Hope that Everyone will Know who he Is , just like with
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Imagine how Incredible it will be to watch
    Rabbi Meir Kahane once again walking the Streets of Manhattan, New York City, Just Imagine how Great it will be to Once Again Listen to Meir Kahane giving
    Public Speeches on the New Earth

  • We can all agree that when
    Rabbi Meir Kahane was shot and killed in Manhattan on Monday November 5 , 1990 that God himself was crying, God himself wept , God himself was deeply saddened… Many haters and bigots were happy that Kahane was Killed , but the Jokes on them, Jokes on them, because someday in the Future Meir Kahane will
    Literally Physically Return to Live Forever on Earth, on this Physical Planet Earth Forever ,
    Meir Kahane will be Back
    He Will Live Again, He will Return to Earth, along with countless other great people in Human History. They will all Return to Live Forever on Earth, as the Bible Clearly Teaches
    Meir Kahane was 58 when he was assassinated in 1990 , but when Meir Kahane Returns to Earth, he will Never be Killed Again

  • Does anyone have the 1972
    Esquire Magazine article about
    Kahane ?

  • israelnationalnews.com has an article headlined
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane remains a target of those who do not understand him”
    by Meir Jolovitz on
    Oct 22, 2021

  • jta.org has an article headlined
    “Kahane, Though Vilified by Many, is Remembered As Protector of Jews” on November 7, 1990

  • israelnationalnews.com has an article headlined
    “Baruch Marzel: 9/11 happened because Rabbi Kahane’s murder wasn’t investigated”
    by Yoni Kempinski
    November 11, 2022

  • Anyone read the book
    “The Wit and Wisdom of Rabbi Meir Kahane”
    by Lenny Goldberg

  • Did anyone read
    “RABBI MEIR KAHANE: His Life and Thought (Volume One: 1932-1975). & Volume Two: 1976-1983 both by
    Libby Kahane , the wife of
    Meir Kahane , when will
    Volume Three come out , covering the years 1984-1990 ?

  • The Jerusalem Post on
    November 19, 2022 has an article about 3 Famous Rabbis
    Jonathan Sacks, Shlomo Carlebach and Meir Kahane.
    Any opinions of the late
    Rabbi Jonathan Sacks the
    Late Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, or the Musician Rabbi
    Shlomo Carlebach ? Sadly this
    Jerusalem Post article unjustly called
    The Great Meir Kahane a
    “Jewish Supremacist” that’s a Lie

    • Someone Also said once that
      Meir Kahane was an
      “Extremist Hate-Filled Rabbi”
      That’s a Lie , Kahane had a Passion to Protect his People

  • The website
    blogs.timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
    “Kahane and Carlebach: Counterculture and its rabbis” by
    Francis Nataf on
    OCT 24, 2018

  • jewishpress.com has an article headlined
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane: Noble And Iconoclastic Firebrand”
    By Meir Jolovitz on November 7, 2017

  • blogs.timesofisrael.com has an article by Kenneth Cohen
    “The Precedent of Rabbi Meir Kahane”
    on MAY 2, 2016

  • An online article is headlined

    “Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Legacy” on March 16, 2009 Part of this article says
    “Meir Kahane was a very unique individual. There were few Jews in the world who were as passionately committed to the Jewish people as he was. He was all heart and soul when it came to his brethren. His experiences as a young Jewish child living in America during the Holocaust – having no ability to do anything about it haunted him all of his life and I believe helped shape his character. I believe that this over-whelming guilt haunted him all the days of his life. And it motivated much if his activity.”

  • An online article by
    Donny Fuchs in 2015 said about
    Meir Kahane that
    “I see Rabbi Kahane as a throwback to the times of the Judges and Prophets. He epitomized the very essence of mesirat nefesh in Judaism, self-sacrifice at the cost of one’s life, the acceptance of the Yoke of Heaven, and the willingness to speak the painful truth, no matter the cost. Throughout his adult life, he willingly endured this cost, regardless of consequence. Imprisonment, harassment, confrontation, and eventually his own murder. Rabbi Kahane was a gadol in Torah, but he was also a warrior. A fiery kohen, who was fit to lead Am Yisroel in war. He was a master of the written word, a writer of immense talent, and an orator whose words could generate an internal fire within you, and raise goosebumps on your arms.” And a picture of
    Meir Kahane is on the website, and it says as a Caption :
    “Who is For the Lord, Let him come to me”

  • The article by Donny Fuchs Also said
    “And in Eretz Yisroel, the Arabs were truly terrified of him. Like an enraged Shimshon Hagibor, the Arabs feared him, because much like Samson, his strength was an anomaly that they could not understand. It derived from the very personality of this magnificent tzadik.” Meir Kahane was both
    Book Smart but Also Street Smart

  • Anyone Remember how
    Cool & Confident
    Rabbi Meir Kahane was when he appeared on
    The Dick Cavett Show in 1972 to
    Speak about the Evils of

    • William F. Buckley &
      Theodore Bikel were also Superb on This episode of
      The Dick Cavett show in which
      Meir Kahane appeared .
      Fun Fact, the middle name of the late
      Theodore Bikel was Meir according to Wikipedia
      Theodore Meir Bikel

      • realclearpolicy.com has an article headlined
        “How William F. Buckley “Learned That Evil Is Real”
        by Mark Pulliam April 28, 2022

        • Correction , the article is headlined
          “How William F. Buckley Learned That Evil Is Real”
          Sadly Evil is Very Real

  • Anyone see Rabbi
    Meir Kahane on
    The Martin Downey Jr. Show
    In 1989 where he debated the
    Two Ugly Arabs
    M.T. Mehdi & Bishara Bahbah

    • Correction , The Morton Downey Jr. Show ,
      Morton Downey Jr. Show
      Plus recent online articles
      Have compared
      “The Apocalyptic Visions of Jacob Taubes and Meir Kahane”

  • Kahane on the
    Morton Downey Jr. Show in
    1989 , https://youtu.be/CBnzS7MQpu0

    • Another Fun Fact : The Classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
      Cartoon Series 1987-1996
      had an episode titled
      “Turtles on Trial” which aired September 26, 1989 this episode had a Rabble Rouser Talk Show Host named
      Clayton Kellerman which was based on the Real Life
      Morton Downey Jr. and his show at the time , the Wikipedia Description of this episode says
      “The intentions of the Turtles are put to the test when a controversial TV-figure portrays our heroes as menaces to society. The Turtles forego publicly clearing their name to defeat Krang and his new robotic weapon.”

  • In the 2002 Spider-Man Film with
    Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker(Spiderman), while Spider-Man is fictional , and while this is just a Movie, Meir Kahane was a real life Hero that Rised to Save the Day, just like Spiderman did in the Scene when the Green Goblin Attacked the Festival !!
    Some people even speculate that the Fictional Character of
    Peter Parker is Jewish

  • Some people made a Joke about Meir Kahane
    Citizen Ka-hane or Citizen Kahane
    Like The Movie
    “Citizen Kane” the 1941 American drama film starring Orson Welles
    Citizen Kahane has a nice ring to it

  • The 1990 Film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Reminds people of
    Rabbi Meir Kahane, because it came out in 1990 the same year as the Tragic Death of Kahane
    The Scenes that Remind people of Kahane are at the Opening of this Film, we see the Manhattan Skyline and the Twin Towers, and the Hustle and Bustle of New Yorkers going about their Business
    April O’Neil says about the Crime Wave
    “Much More than just a series of small isolated incidents, it’s now apparent that an organized criminal element is at work, and at the moment business is good….. Crimes without Criminals, an Invisible Gang at work, who we gonna call? unfortunately the Police are the only ones available to combat what some are already dubbing, The Silent Crime Wave, but perhaps the most disturbing silence is that coming from City Hall, April O’Neil Channel 3 Eyewitness News” And at the end of this Film
    after Master Splinter(Hamato Yoshi) and The Shredder
    (Oroku Saki) fight, Splinter says to Shredder
    “Death comes for us all Oroku Saki, but something much worse comes for you, for when you die, it will be .. without honor” Shredder falls into the Garbage Truck trash compactor, Casey Jones then pulls the Lever and says “Oops” we then hear Police Sirens and we see 3 NYPD Police Cars appear along with the News Media,(and probably more Police Cars appear moments later) the Police Start Arresting Members of the Foot Clan the various Foot Soldiers are taken into Police Custody,
    Police Chief Sterns (Played by Raymond Serra) is furious and says to a Group of Teenagers, in a Gruff serious Voice
    Sterns says “Alright I want some answers, now what in God’s name happened down here tonight, somebody better talk to me ”
    One of the Teenager replies to Chief Sterns and Another Officer standing next to Sterns, The Teen replies
    “You check out the East Warehouse over the Lairdman Islands, you’ll get your answers there”
    Sterns says “Alright lets go” I guess you could say
    Rabbi Meir Kahane was Wise and Intelligent Like Master Splinter and a Great Leader like Leonardo, the head Ninja Turtle, of course the Ninja Turtles are Fictional, but this 1990 film is a Classic

  • – On September 12, 1985
    Rabbi Meir Kahane gave a Damn Confident Speech at the
    National Press Club in Washington D.C. USA , During this Speech
    Kahane said several great things, He said “It’s better to be a Winner than a Loser, it’s better to live than to die” and he said also Damn Confidently
    “I’m still the same Rabbi” and he also said
    “Kahane will always be Kahane”
    Also, when Meir Kahane often referred to Himself in the 3rd Person, it was
    Not “Megalomania” or “Delusions of Grandeur” but it was Just
    Meir Kahane being Meir Kahane, Why you ask ?
    Because he’s Meir Kahane !!

    –Another thing people respected about the late Rabbi Meir Kahane was his intelligence, anyone can tell from his countless writings & Speeches that
    Meir Kahane was a very intelligent individual and an excellent debater , very well educated !

    • It’s Kahane Time !
      And Concerning the Legacy of The Great
      Rabbi Meir Kahane, In the Aftermath of the Horrific Tragic disturbing
      attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018 , that tragically killed 17 innocent people, students & survivors of that tragic school attack have started a movement called
      “Never Again” to School violence, the expression “Never Again” was made famous by Rabbi Meir Kahane, after the Horrors of the Nazi Holocaust of the Second World War , and I’m saying that I hope there are no more incidents of School Violence, we need thoughts & prayers but also action & reform to stop these senseless attacks, and we all Know that
      Meir Kahane when he was alive served in the Israeli Army, and if
      Meir Kahane was still alive and at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
      on February 14, 2018 , Meir Kahane wouldn’t have been afraid to confront the suspected alleged 19 year old gunman Nikolas Cruz,
      Meir Kahane would have been able to stop Nikolas Cruz, Meir Kahane, the famous Right-Wing Rabbi would have stopped Nikolas Cruz and save the students, but I wish the tragic attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School never happened in the first place, I truly do, All Students & Staff should feel safe in School , Pope Francis has also used the expression “Never Again” when referring to the Nazi Holocaust and other tragedies, plus when Meir Kahane was alive he was unjustly demonized & vilified & horrible lies were told about him, the truth is, Meir Kahane didn’t want to hurt or kill anyone, he said so many times, that he didn’t want to hurt or kill anyone, he just didn’t want to see a Second Holocaust happen to his People .

  • The year was 1968, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, was tragically killed on April 4, 1968, later in that same year 1968, Another Hero Rised, that Hero was Martin David Kahane, also known as Rabbi Meir Kahane .

  • The 1985 Song “We Built This City” by Starship, this song Reminds me of Rabbi Kahane, because this song is about New York City, and Meir Kahane was a Vital Part of
    New York City History, this song “We Built This City” Reminds me of
    Rabbi Meir Kahane and his son, the late Binyamin Kahane, back in 2002 I was doing online Research and I came across this picture of Meir Kahane and his son
    Binyamin, and I was thinking of the lyrics to the song
    “We Built This City” at the moment I came across the picture, now every time I listen to this song “We Built This City” I am reminded of Meir Kahane & his son Binyamin

  • This one time in 2002 I had this dream, about the 1982 song Gloria, with Laura Branigan and in this dream, the Faces of Jesus & Kahane appeared side by side, Strange Dream , in this dream I saw the faces of Jesus & Kahane, and I heard the words in the song “You really don’t remember was it something that he said? Are the voices in your head calling Gloria ?”

    • On YouTube type in
      “Laura Branigan Gloria lyrics YouTube”
      It was uploaded by

    • Strange but Cool Dream,
      Jesus & Kahane ,
      Kahane & Christ with the classic
      1982 Laura Branigan song
      “Gloria” A Very Cool Epic Dream

  • Several Years ago at work, a Fellow Christian said to me regarding a Local very nice Jewish Businessman named Bob was a “Damn Confident Jew” I thought, I can name at least 3 other Damn Confident Jews,
    they are …

  • The moment 1:46 to 2:20 in the
    video of

  • Also speaking of Gloria, the name Gloria , in the 1960’s
    Meir Kahane, who went by the pseudonym Michael King allegedly had an affair with a Christian woman named
    Gloria Jean D’Argenio , she used the name Estelle Donna Evans to get modeling work.. did Meir Kahane/Michael King know her as
    Estelle Evans or as her real name Gloria Jean D’Argenio , or both ? She only knew him as Michael King. And if Meir Kahane ever heard the 1982 version of the song “Gloria” with Laura Branigan , did it make him think of
    Gloria Jean D’Argenio ? The alleged affair between
    Gloria Jean D’Argenio & Meir Kahane can be researched online

  • It says about Jesus in the
    Bible verse
    Matthew 7:29
    “because he taught as one who had authority…”

  • Monday November 5, 1990 the day that Rabbi Meir Kahane was Assassinated in Manhattan, New York City, at the age of 58 was truly a day that will Forever Live in Infamy just like
    December 7, 1941 &
    September 11, 2001

  • When Meir Kahane ultimately Returns to Earth it will give countless people reasons to rejoice and praise God !!

  • While we all Know that Meir Kahane was born on August 1, 1932 as
    Martin David Kahane
    August 1, 1932 was a Monday
    Kahane was born on a Monday
    and he was tragically killed on
    another Monday,
    Monday November 5, 1990 at the age of 58
    Many online sources confirm that
    August 1, 1932 was a Monday
    When Meir Kahane ultimately
    Returns to Earth to Live Forever on the New Earth, when
    Meir Kahane Returns to Earth will that ultimately be on a Monday as well ?

    • Until Meir Kahane returns to Earth and he will ultimately Return someday, our Goals need to be
      1. Lobbying Congress to have the Face of Meir Kahane added to
      Mount Rushmore
      2. Persuade Hollywood to Make a Movie about the Life and Beliefs of Meir Kahane

  • The Los Angeles Times
    latimes.com has an article about Meir Kahane headlined
    “Murder of Controversial Rabbi Kahane” on
    NOV. 12, 1990 which says

    “A great Jewish leader was murdered. Meir Kahane was a man who was not afraid of the truth, unlike most of our Jewish leaders today. My recollections of him go back to childhood and teen-age years in the Soviet Union. We, the Soviet Jews, persecuted, hounded and discriminated against, had heard scant and hushed-up stories about a brave rabbi, who stood up and fought for our liberation, who had no fear of the KGB, who did not play “diplomatic” games. The Soviets hated and feared him.

    Kahane was a realist, never a coward, and he was completely devoid of the ghetto mentality, a prevalent trait of American Jewish leaders. Had there been a leader like him during World War II among the American Jews, he would, I am certain, speak up against the Holocaust, and actually do something to stop the Nazis, and the American government’s unwillingness to help Jewish refugees.”

  • The latimes.com article continues
    “Such perceptive leaders as Kahane was are but a handful, and once again American Jewry has many cowardly leaders. These “leaders” would rather embrace PLO leader Yasser Arafat and his terrorists than to face the simple and clear facts of life in the Middle East: The Arabs hate all non-Arab peoples there, be they the Jews, the Kurds, the Assyrians, the Druzes or the Copts. The Arabs prefer to kill and gas and bomb those of other faiths and blood. The Arabs worship leaders like Saddam Hussein, and sooner or later will stab their new American allies in the back.”

  • The rest of this latimes.com article is by Paul Stonehill and can be found online

  • A person wrote to the
    latimes , and is found on the website latimes.com
    “NOV. 12, 1990 

    “Once again your Israel-hating and Arabist poison pens are busy at work. You have the gall to compare a Jewish patriot like Rabbi Meir Kahane to the likes of a David Duke or Jean Marie Le Pen (editorial, “Bigotry Watch: Chorus Line,” Nov. 7). To use words like “bigot,” “Nazi-like” and “racist” when talking about a man whose only desire was to secure a safe place for Jews to live in a world that didn’t give a damn 45 years ago is the height of absurdity.

    Your editorial is both incongruous and unreasonable in view of the fact that in the 20 years that I was associated with the man, he did not once advocate the death of a whole people. That he didn’t want a fifth column in his midst is a credit to him, not a cause for condemnation. His whole life was based on the Torah and Talmud, and if his rhetoric did not appeal to the Beverly Hills art-and-croissant crowd that’s just tough!”

    EARL L. KRUGEL, Los Angeles Chapter Chairman, Jewish Defense League

  • When even some
    Christians admit that
    Rabbi Meir Kahane was the
    2nd greatest person in
    Human History, 2nd only to
    Jesus himself , That shows how Incredible Kahane Was

    • Meir Kahane being the
      2nd Greatest Person in World History after Jesus himself is why
      The Face of Meir Kahane needs to be added to Mount Rushmore

  • Remember the 2002
    Comedy Musical Film

    The Mr.Cellophane Scene , Some jokingly called the scene
    the “Mr. Kahane, Mr. Meir Kahane scene” 😆

  • urbandictionary.com has the following entry for
    Rabbi Meir Kahane
    “meir kahane
    The truth.
    A man that spoke nothing but truth was Rabbi Meir Kahane, may the memory of the righteous be for a blessing.
    by Aluh January 31, 2023 “

  • Some people have said that in the
    2002 Adam Sandler comedy movie
    “Mr. Deeds” that in this scene, the beard that Mr. French has reminds them of Meir Kahane
    The scene is here , https://youtu.be/qUKBDcMN7tg

  • jns.org has an article about
    Meir Kahane and 9/11 headlined
    “How 9/11 could have been prevented” by JOSEPH FRAGER
    on March 5, 2023

  • A person in March 2023 recently typed online about Meir Kahane that
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane 1932-1990 was a gifted man. One of discernment and far reaching in his analysis of what the Jews could expect. Israel would have greatly benefited from his wise council had there been a willingness to contemplate the soundness of his message.

    His courage was indomitable and he was never flustered by his harshest critics.”
    Meir Kahane was indeed a Very
    Charismatic, Dynamic Speaker

  • When I talk about Meir Kahane returning to Earth Someday Do I sound like
    Linus van Pelt from the Peanuts Comic Strip and Franchise talking about The Great Pumpkin ? 😆🙂😀

  • In 2022
    Itamar Ben-Gvir
    said about Rabbi Meir Kahane that
    “But it seems to me that the highlight of Rabbi Kahane was love. Love for Israel without compromise, without any other consideration,”

  • A person recently typed online about Meir Kahane that
    “To me one if Kahane’s finest moments was when he was in a meeting discussing his agenda. Someone crashed the meeting, accosted him, pouring a bag of blood over his head. He wiped himself off as best he could and said “God is good.” He was calm and carried on.

    In the midst of provocation he praised God. Is there a greater testimony, when one is so badly treated, yet gives adoration to God?”

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