• Rabbi Kahane was a bridge to the Bnái Nohach as required in Acts 15:21. We have not forgotten his blessed memory.

    • The fact is that Meir Kahane is Not dead, but rather he is alive and conscious in Heaven, watching over us all and smiling. The Bible teaches that ultimately in the future, only God knows when, but ultimately in the future. That those righteous humans who have passed away and are conscious in Heaven will ultimately return to this physical planet Earth to live forever on Earth. On the New Earth where there will be no more Evil, suffering or injustice. This includes
      the late Rabbi Meir Kahane , so
      Meir Kahane will be back,
      He will live again !!
      Meir Kahane will once again walk the streets of Manhattan.
      Meir Kahane will Never be killed again !!
      However right now in 2021 it’s deeply upsetting how American Public High School students are Never taught about the life and beliefs of Meir Kahane. They should be required to learn about Kahane..

    • Mr. Clarke , some Bible Prophecy teachers have claimed that according to Jewish Eschatology Rabbi Meir Kahane was actually Messiah ben Joseph , and that the life of Rabbi Kahane was proof that the Biblical War of
      Gog and Magog was near , perhaps the Psalm 83 War as well, Battle of Armageddon, That the life of Rabbi Kahane was proof that we are Living in the Last Days/End Times According to Bible Prophecy

  • A most necessary presentation by Chaim Ben Pesach spokesperson of the JTF of which most Jews are unaware. This type of Jewish education of our Jewish History needs to be continually exposed in this very manner that is not altered.

  • What a man what a loss to humanity! And to all you self hating Jews who think he promoted Anti-Semites let me tell you that I looked at white supremacist websites and forums and they are saying that Jews like him and Bentzi Gopstien are Jews they respect! No joke!

    • Kyle, Anti-Semites & Jew-Haters actually admit online that
      Fakestinian people are completely useless and just use the
      Fakestinians to get at Jews and Israel

  • As a matter of fact the
    jewishpress.com website has an article headlined
    “Mother Sarah Was The First Kahanist!”
    By Ariel Natan Pasko on November 21, 2019, about how
    Sarah the wife of Abraham in the Bible, how Sarah was basically the first Kahanist

  • On YouTube there is a Superb song by Michael Elias titled
    “A Special Man” this song was made to Honor Rabbi Meir Kahane.
    A superb Song, did anyone else listen to it

    • Plus on YouTube, there is a another superb video titled
      “kahane song” uploaded
      on June 23, 2015 , in this video we again hear the song
      “A Special Man” but we see Superb video footage from the Life of Rabbi Meir Kahane

  • Kyle, Two very good online quotes that definitely define
    Meir Kahane :
    From Spiritualcleansing. Org a good quote is
    “A Real Man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is. A coward hides behind Lies and deceit” Meir Kahane was an Honest Man
    Also from QuoteFancy. Com a Quote from Pastor Rick Warren
    “A lie doesn’t become truth, Wrong doesn’t become right and evil doesn’t become good, Just because it’s accepted by a majority”
    Meir Kahane would definitely agree with that
    Rick Warren quote

  • Years ago an online article said that Rabbi Meir Kahane was a great leader , and “a different kind of Rabbi” as a compliment & also
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane was the quintessential rabbi in the fullest sense of the word and represented many things to many people”

  • The famous singer, songwriter
    Bob Dylan had a very positive view of Rabbi Kahane.
    Also the famous American singer, Songwriter, Musician
    Kurt Cobain famously said “I’d rather be hated for who I am, Than loved for who I am not” that was exactly the same type of cool attitude that
    Rabbi Meir Kahane had, ! Meir Kahane had the attitude “I am what I am, And if the World doesn’t like it I don’t give a damn” Kurt Cobain lived from
    1967 to 1994, He died at the age of 27 years young

  • The website 5TJT. Com has an article headlined-
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane is a Role Model to people who Stutter” by Adam R. Lichter on September 2, 2012
    Jewishness. Com has an article about Kahane headlined
    “The Key to Greatness” by Tzvi Fishman on
    June 6, 2012
    Blogs. Timesofisrael. Com on February 24, 2019 has an article
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane Followers are not Racist Monsters” by Moshe-Mordechai van Zeiden
    Jewishpress. Com has an article headlined
    “No, Rabbi Kahane was Not A Racist” on
    February 28, 2019 by Rabbi Yehuda L. Oppenheimer
    Jewishpress. Com has another article headlined
    “Thirty-Six Little-Known Admirers of
    Rabbi Meir Kahane” by
    Rabbi Shlomo Moriah on
    November 18, 2016

    • Correction, the article
      “The Key to Greatness”
      By Tzvi Fishman is from the website Jewishpress.com

  • Did anyone see the 2019 documentary film
    “The Prophet” about the life of Rabbi Meir Kahane..? Is it worth watching..?

  • When is Hollywood going to Make a Movie to Honor the Life and Beliefs of Rabbi Meir Kahane and portray him in a positive Light , as the Hero that he Was

    • After all in 1992
      Hollywood released the Movie
      “Malcolm X” about the Vile
      Anti-Semite Bigot
      Malcolm X, why can’t Hollywood make a Movie to Honor the Life and Beliefs of the great
      Rabbi Meir Kahane

  • Why won’t Hollywood make a Movie to positively portray the Life and Beliefs of
    Rabbi Meir Kahane , are they afraid it would be “too controversial” or
    “offensive” to some people ?
    Give Meir Kahane his Movie

  • When Hollywood ultimately makes a Movie to Honor the Life and Beliefs of Rabbi Kahane.
    Who should play Meir Kahane ?
    Plus some have said that the
    Kahane movie would have to be
    Rated R , to show the seriousness of the topic and the Evil, Wicked nature of the Anti-Semites & Jew-Haters, it’s definitely an
    R rated topic . The Kahane movie should be Both Educational and Entertaining

  • Countless people want
    Meir Kahane to Live Again
    The Fact is ultimately in the Future, only God Knows when, but ultimately in the Future
    Meir Kahane will Return to Earth
    Him and countless other great people in Human History will Ultimately Return to Earth, as the
    Bible Teaches, it’s that simple
    Plus when Meir Kahane ultimately Returns to Earth,
    Imagine Wikipedia updating it’s entry for Meir Kahane listing the exact day Kahane returns to Earth

  • Meir Kahane was a great leader and a Hero, just like legendary British Prime Minister
    Sir Winston Churchill was a great leader of the British Nation during World War II

  • Articles online tell how
    J. Edgar Hoover was obsessed with Rabbi Meir Kahane.
    President Richard Nixon Knew about Kahane
    J. Edgar Hoover & Nixon both knew that Meir Kahane was truly one of a kind and a great leader

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