• Rabbi Kahane was a bridge to the Bnái Nohach as required in Acts 15:21. We have not forgotten his blessed memory.

    • The fact is that Meir Kahane is Not dead, but rather he is alive and conscious in Heaven, watching over us all and smiling. The Bible teaches that ultimately in the future, only God knows when, but ultimately in the future. That those righteous humans who have passed away and are conscious in Heaven will ultimately return to this physical planet Earth to live forever on Earth. On the New Earth where there will be no more Evil, suffering or injustice. This includes
      the late Rabbi Meir Kahane , so
      Meir Kahane will be back,
      He will live again !!
      Meir Kahane will once again walk the streets of Manhattan.
      Meir Kahane will Never be killed again !!
      However right now in 2021 it’s deeply upsetting how American Public High School students are Never taught about the life and beliefs of Meir Kahane. They should be required to learn about Kahane..

  • A most necessary presentation by Chaim Ben Pesach spokesperson of the JTF of which most Jews are unaware. This type of Jewish education of our Jewish History needs to be continually exposed in this very manner that is not altered.

  • What a man what a loss to humanity! And to all you self hating Jews who think he promoted Anti-Semites let me tell you that I looked at white supremacist websites and forums and they are saying that Jews like him and Bentzi Gopstien are Jews they respect! No joke!

  • As a matter of fact the
    jewishpress.com website has an article headlined
    “Mother Sarah Was The First Kahanist!”
    By Ariel Natan Pasko on November 21, 2019, about how
    Sarah the wife of Abraham in the Bible, how Sarah was basically the first Kahanist

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