• That blessing is not said on Sabbath on Holidays… However, the point is still salient.

    • You don’t mention the evil person in the first place in shabbat. If someone happens to mention an evildoer without a curse, you can correct him that this name should not be mentioned without a curse like Rav would say when mentioning Haman, may he be cursed and his sons be cursed.

  • Good video–I’ve been listening to you over 20 years- Its true that I’ve gotten info from you I’ve never seen anywhere else-Thanks

  • This soothes my heart. I see this as a blessing this happy new year.

    I had no idea Ginsberg was involved in railroading Polard

    You left out however a lot of other horrible misdeeds. Her promotion of abortion, eminent domain, the healthcare mandate, racism against whites and asians, in particular Jews, her support for gun control, forced drugging ETC.

    You could go on about this evil piece of filth. But yes. Thank G-d she’s finally gone.

    Unfortunately Trump is going to replace her with another ivy league judge just like Bush did. Judge Amy has said she will legislate based on the law not according to her catholic faith. First, her job is not to legislate but interpret the law, second there is no law that says parents can murder their unborn or newborn children. Also, Amy is Catholic. America is protestant and our foundations are based on protestantism. I don’t mean to be rude but she shouldn’t be nominated.

    Doesn’t matter if the dogma lives loudly in her or that she has a big family including an orphan with down syndrome and an orphan from Haiti she adopted. Nope! She’s not up to par. Trump has lied to us again! Things are still almost gonna be the same! The states will have to handle this

  • Judge amy went ti Notre Dame law school. Not ivy league.

  • The Supreme Court has just
    Overturned Roe V Wade , how do we feel about this ?

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