Schmuck Schumer Lavishes Praise On RINO John McCain for Voting to KEEP Obamacare

Following the vote in which three phony Democrats masquerading as Republicans, senators John McCain (RINO – AZ), Lisa Murkowski (RINO – AK), and Susan Collins (RINO – ME)  joined their Democrat brethren in voting to keep 100 percent of the disastrous Obamacare debacle intact, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (COMMIE – NY) lavished praise and adoration on the three establishment squishes, but was especially grateful to McCain for betraying his voters.

Chuck Schumer, ironically standing in front of a U.S. Constitution mural, a document he’s spent a career destroying, called the vote an “amazing moment” and lauded the three traitors for their “amazing courage” in violating the oath they gave to the voters who elected them to repeal Obamacare, calling McCain a close friend and reminding us that they crafted the failed “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill together:

“It was an amazing moment and the credit goes to a lot of people. But at the top of the list are the three who showed amazing courage to resist the pressure and do what’s good for the country.

John McCain at the top of the list. He and I have been friends for a very long time, ever since the Gang of Eight which we put together.

And I have not seen a senator who speaks truth to power as strongly, as well, and as frequently as John McCain — the very same courage he showed as a naval aviator in Vietnam he showed last night and has shown time and time again.”

Schumer called McCain a “wonderful man,” and compared him to other “great men in the Senate” like Democrats Ted Kennedy, a drunken scoundrel and a womanizer who murdered a womanand got away with it Scot free, and Daniel Inouye, a Communist  who was, of course, given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by America-hating Marxist former president, Barack Obama in 2013.

Chuck Schumer then exalted “equal praise” upon Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, whom he also called “amazing” and pointed out that “women are in so many instances stronger than men,” so that the feminazis in his party would attack him for mentioning three men in a row in adoration without mentioning a female.

Don’t let the “R” next to his name fool you, folks. John McCain is a Democrat.

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