Schumer to Trump: “Allow Illegals to Vote to Prove You’re Not a White Supremacist”

Shmuck Schumer thinks that President Donald Trump should allow illegal aliens to vote in order to prove that he is not a white supremacist.

That is absolutely the dumbest thing to ever come out of his mouth as of lately. How on earth would allowing people who are not citizens of the United States to vote, in elections they have no part in, suddenly “prove” that Trump isn’t joining the KKK.

Trump has already condemned and denounced the alt-right time and time again. He condemns all the hate and violence. We already know he isn’t a white supremacist. This is just a ploy for liberals to incite more chaos and demand things that would only make our country worse.

Free Beacon reports:

They argue Republicans aim to restrict voting rights in order to impact voters—including minority voters—who more often vote Democrat.

In July, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez expressed this view in an op-ed.

“There seems to be no limit to how far Republicans will go to disenfranchise certain voters,” Perez said.

According to the White House, the purpose of the commission is to study vulnerabilities in the U.S. voting systems. It planned to evaluate voter suppression and voter fraud, both in terms of registration and actual voting.

Republicans have argued some voting requirements are “common sense,” and action is necessary to ensure those who vote do so legally.

Schumer nonetheless condemns any action taken by Trump’s commission.

“They are a ruse,” Schumer wrote in reference to the commission’s actions. “Their only intention is to disenfranchise voters. This is how the appalling failure to use the right words and stand up to hate in the aftermath of Charlottesville is made in the form of policy; they are two edges of the same sword.”

And if @POTUS won’t disband the Election Integrity Commission, @SenateDems will try to do it on a must-pass bill in September.

— Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) August 24, 2017

Democrats are slipping further down the rabbit hole.

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  • This is very stupid, but Indulging the fight might get some people to realize the truth. Shumer should apply the law against latino’s to prove he is not part of the fascist group trying to conquer the world, under the communist pretense of wealth redistribution and equality. Their strategy is to violate the rights of Jews and white gentiles, and fan the flames of racial hatred against them. If he refuses to apply the law to all races equally including latino’s then he is pursuing the violation of Jewish and white gentiles human rights to attain wealth and power, an illegal violation of human rights enabled by A criminal media that will be brought to justice along with the leadership of the racket. In God I trust.

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