Self-hating AIPAC traitors donate huge sums to 140 anti-Semitic House Democrats (video)


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  • Anne Heche is dead at 53. What does Halacha say about organ transplants

    • More about the Fakestinians
      On Facebook did anyone see the Public Group
      “ISRAEL VS. “palestine”
      Justice VS Propaganda” it has
      Over 4 Thousand Members
      We Cannot be deceived by
      Pallywood Lies , the
      Arab Poison all over the
      Internet , We need to Refute and Debunk the Arab, Islamic & Fakestinian Lies

    • Who cares? She and Ellen Degenerate should burn up in a fierry crash.

  • The muzzies waited for Salman Rushdie for 34 years until he was really relaxed and then they struck. Let it be a lesson.

    • The tragic attack on
      Salman Rushdie is even more proof that Arabs & Muslims
      will Never change , that they can
      Never be trusted , and that
      They are Nobody’s Friend

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  • See this article
    Ugly Demon Arab “children” are
    attacking Jews in Israel
    These ugly Demon Arab and
    Fakestinian “children” need to be arrested, taken from their parents and thrown in Prison for the rest of their natural lives. The Arab parents need to be Arrested and thrown in Prison for the rest of their lives for teaching their
    Ugly Turd Birth Defect Arab Children to hate and attack Jews
    The article is here

    • When these Arab “children” are arrested and thrown in Prison for the rest of their natural lives, they need to be forever separated from their Arab & Fakestinian parents, no visits with their parents, who also need to be Arrested by the Israeli Authorities and thrown in Prison for the rest of their Natural Lives.

  • From it
    says about the word :
    An Arab outcast from Syria, Jordan, or Egypt who believes in a concocted myth of a sovereign Arab state called “Palestine” (despite no such state historically existing). Favorite hobbies include throwing rocks at either civilians or the IDF and then screaming like a toddler when getting a taste of his own medicine, during thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians and crying foul when IDF retaliates, stabbing random Israeli civilians.

    The Fakestinian justifies this savage barbaric behavior as “resistance to occupation”. In this case “occupation” refers to the state of Israel in it’s entirety not just the disputed territories.
    The Fakestinian is the archetypal wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’ll bleat about how evil the “Zionists” are while himself being brainwashed to murder, maim, and injure any random “Yahud” he can find. Classic projection.

    Also a bit suspicious how most pro Israel definitions here have been removed while revisionist Fakestinian propaganda is massively upvoted. Surely just a coincidence right?
    by Wake Up July 11, 2022 “

  • Really? It says that? Wow! Even Wikipedia doesn’t allow that!! Better than Wikipedia!

    Say, is there an israeli version of wikipedia? I’m willing to bet its more woke than wikipedia in the west.

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