Happy Passover! Hag Sameach!

happy-passoverDuring the first two days of Passover, we will not be posting new articles. But we will be back!

Happy Passover, and hag sameach! -JTF

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  • Jews for Cruz 1

    Email Sent Erev Pesach at 12:08 PM Friday has no reference to Passover. Why?

    Hello Friend,

    On this campaign, we have one simple rule: break all the rules.

    We started our campaign with just eight days until an FEC quarterly deadline. We launched our campaign with a tweet at midnight. Our first event was at Liberty University. With your help, we shattered fundraising records. And now, before another candidate has even entered the race, we’re on TV — because of you. Watch the ad here.


    And most importantly, this campaign isn’t built from the top-down by Washington insiders. It’s built from the bottom-up by the grassroots. By you. You’re the reason we’re raising shocking amounts of money — over $4 million in just over a week. You’re the reason we’re surging in the polls nationally and in key primary states — up to second place. And you’re the reason we’re able to go up on TV so early in this campaign.

    So thank you again for your continued support of Senator Cruz and this campaign and I hope you and your family have a blessed Good Friday and a very Happy Easter!

    All the best,
    Jeff Roe
    Campaign Manager
    Cruz for President

    P.S. As a reminder, if you attended the Cruz for President Campaign HQ Open House in Houston on Tuesday, click here to download your photo with Sen. Cruz.

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