State Dept: US Refused to Defend Israel at UN for “Israel’s Own Good”

This is who the Obama administration wants Israel to give land to for so-called “peace”.

The Obama administration blamed Israel for the Arab Muslim violence against innocent civilians [Jews] in Israel.

[Mark] Toner said the United States not using its veto power at the Security Council to protect Israel and instead abstaining from the vote was really for Israel’s own good.

“This was a resolution that we could not in good conscience veto because it condemns violence,” he said. “It condemned incitement… There was nothing in this resolution that we could so profoundly disagree with that it would lead us to veto it.”

To protect Israel? How is forcing Israel into giving up it’s own land to terrorists protecting Israel? How is giving up land making Israel only 6 to 9 miles wide in the center going to protect Israel? It would be suicide!

Since when have the Jews in Israel been violent? And when have the Arab Muslims in Israel not been violent – voting Hamas as their so-called government?

You cannot blame the innocent Jewish victims of Muslim terror on “incitement” when even their graves are desecrated because being dead isn’t even enough.

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