Swedish Demonstrators Chant ‘Slaughter the Jews’

SwedenCollapsing-MuslimProtestHundreds of protesters in the Swedish city of Malmo were filmed chanting in Arabic about slaughtering Jews and stabbing soldiers.

[So-called] “pro-Palestinian” groups organized a rally Monday in the city center against what they consider Israeli violence and to show solidarity with [Muslims in Israel] amid deadly measures taken by Israeli authorities to stop the recent spate of attacks on Jews in Israel and the West Bank.

Isaac Bachman, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, posted on his Facebook account a video taken at the rally showing hundreds chanting “slaughter the Jews, stab soldiers.” In other slogans, the chanters encouraged “heroes to carry out attack after attack” and to “start a third intifada.”

“These are extremely troubling instances of a grotesque but nevertheless very real – and murderous – incitement which must be dealt with by the full force of the law,” Bachman wrote.

His wife, Osnat, wrote about the video: “Swedish people: Is this what you believe in? Is this what you bargained for? Are these your morals? Since I know the answers I feel ashamed in your name.”

Separately, the Scandinavian airline SAS announced on Wednesday that it would stop flights from Copenhagen to Tel Aviv at the end of March, along with Ankara and Russia, citing profitability issues.

SAS spokeswoman Trine Kromann denied claims made in the Israeli media that the line was profitable — the Israel Hayom daily reported Tuesday that the line had seen a 41 percent increase in traffic in 2014 over 2013 — and denied that the decision to stop the flights to Israel was in fact politically motivated.

Kromann said SAS did not share or discuss traffic statistics, “which in any case are only a part of the commercial calculation for determining profitability.”She added: “We also look at, for example, the price we can get per ticket and operating costs.”

The line to Tel Aviv is a particularly costly one for SAS, Kromann also said.



  • The chickens are coming home to roost. The Jews have been most instrumental in creating a liberal democracy with OPEN BORDERS with consequences of mass migrations of muslims into Europe. The Jews fought with a great determination to create a world in which the ethnically unified nations of Europe would be dissolved by the acid of millions of muslim migrants. Presumably to exact a vengeance against the “evil christian antisemites”. The allegedly clever Jews proved by their actions that they really are not that clever; the millions of muslims of Europe will eradicate the Jewish communities all across Europe. Had the Jews asked smart people, decades ago, about what would be the consequence of enforcing open borders of Europe and of facilitating the incoming of waves of muslim invaders from Asia and Africa, they would have been told what the results would be. But it is too late now to do something about it, it will turn out that it is too late now to save the Jews of Europe. A divine or poetic justice ?

    • Mr. Jew-Hater Conspiracy Nutjob, not only is everything you say an insane outright lie (where’s the responsibility of European politicians, or the Obama administration, or the Muslims who want to kill all the infidels, or the Jew-hating leftist media for example?), it sounds like you are foaming at the mouth out of joy that innocent Jews are being slaughtered – and justifying it like a true Nazi. Believe me, divine justice will be yours in the end.

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