Taxpayers pay for transgender men to speak like women

transgender-gayTaxpayers are picking up part of the tab for teaching transgender men to learn to speak like women at the Speech and Hearing Clinic of the University of Connecticut, a document reveals.

According to a flyer distributed by the clinic, practice sessions costing $25 a semester as part of a group or $10 per treatment are “facilitated by a speech-language pathologist and speech-language pathology graduate students.”

The lessons claim to provide “an opportunity to use new vocal and communication qualities in a safe and confidential environment.”

Individuals at “any point in their gender transition” are “welcome,” the clinic said.

Talk-radio host, WND columnist and well known author on religion and sexuality Michael Brown noted the irony in transgenders pursuing therapy to help them live up to gender stereotypes, at least when it comes to the sound of one’s voice.

The author of “Outlasting the Gay Revolution” believes sexual differences are not malleable, and even voice training cannot change biological reality. He argues the attempt by transgenders to try to be something they are not is simply further evidence their movement is unsustainable.

“The reality, of course, is that male-female differences go to the very core of human nature – indeed, they are what makes the world go ’round – and to create an environment that denies (or dramatically downplays) their existence is to engage in a social experiment that is sure to fail,” said Brown.

The experiment by the speech clinic is partially enabled by the taxpayer support.

The University of Connecticut receives aid from taxpayers but is currently facing a financial crisis, despite a recent $10.9 million increase in support from the state. The university has a deficit of more than $18 million, and President Susan Herbst argues the school will be forced to make cuts unless the government provides additional money.

The university is also reeling from the loss of millions of dollars in grants from the National Science Foundation, a government agency responsible for funding a large share of scientific research performed at American college and universities.

The federal government suspended more than $4 million in grants after two professors at the university were accused of using grant money to make no-bid purchases of equipment from companies they controlled without reporting the conflict of interest.

Paul Kengor, a historian, professor and author of “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage,” is saddened by the transgender speech program. He also states public institutions should not be engaging in such work, especially at a time of financial crisis.

“This is Barack Obama’s and the New Left’s fundamental transformation of America at work,” he said. “It’s quite sad. Aside from the obvious ideological-cultural insanity at work here, this is obvious insanity from a political-fiscal point of view. This is clearly not a core function of government, especially one riddled with enormous debt.”

Kengor sees transgender voice lessons as simply more evidence of American moral and spiritual decline.

“Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves,” he said. “And not only our Founding Fathers. On a personal note, a good friend of mine died last week at age 93. He was a hero in World War II, a literal survivor of a Nazi POW camp. He met Patton and Eisenhower. He absolutely did not fight for this.

“It’s an ironic blessing that many of our great World War II heroes did not live to see this happening in their beloved country.”

Popular author, talk-show host and pastor Carl Gallups sees the clinic’s efforts as simply further evidence of out-of-control political correctness.

“Can I speak honestly about this? Of course, to speak honestly means you have to throw political correctness out the window. Here’s the bottom line to the transgender craze; you can’t fool the DNA!”

Gallups, author of the upcoming book “Be Thou Prepared: Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble,” argues the voice-modification training is simply proof of how unnatural transgenderism really is.

“In order for a man to become a woman … he has to take female hormones, have radical surgery on his genitalia, have breast augmentation surgery, take voice lessons (or either voluntarily change his vocal patterns), undergo various forms of cosmetic surgery, grow his hair to a woman’s length and then style his hair to a woman’s style, and then he must begin dressing in women’s apparel and using women’s accessories. After having done all that – he still has man shoulders, man hands, man hips, a man beard (unless he undergoes massive electrolysis therapy), and his DNA still screams ‘male!’” he said.

“By the way, his birth certificate still says he is a male, and so will his parents and siblings who have known him since birth, and so does almost everything else about his past life. So, who is trying to fool whom in this situation? This really winds up being nothing more than a very sad freak show – celebrated and exalted by today’s mainstream media, radical gay agenda-groups and, of course, much of the entertainment industry – and paid for by the American taxpayer.”

Gallups believes transgenderism is actually harmful to those who pursue it. And he supports his position by appealing to a respected academic who has argued a “sex change” is impossible.

“Dr. Paul McHugh, formerly the head of the Psychiatry department at John Hopkins Hospital (the pioneers in sex-change surgery), recently proclaimed in the Wall Street Journal that transgenderism is a form of ‘mental disorder.’ Dr. McHugh said that decades-long studies have clearly proven that sex-change surgery winds up producing severe depression (transgenders have a 20-fold higher suicide rate) as well as other serious mental and emotional disorders.

“Because of this fact, Johns Hopkins no longer performs the surgery. If the pioneers of the surgical processes necessary to effect this ‘sex change’ won’t even touch the topic anymore – why should the American taxpayer be governmentally forced to pay for such an atrocious and outlandish surgical procedure?”

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