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  • I am an accountant and have to say his idea’s on taxes are mixed. He also proposes (among the few deductions and credits he allows) is increasing the earned income credit 20%. Also he mixes this in with single motherhood in some of the debates.

    Maybe that will increase the women vote. But these ideas are overall bad for the country and women without a husband the government becomes the replacement. That doesn’t lead to lower taxes no matter what the person says and it is sad that this is what the country has come to.

    Never mind that all the mainstream candidates (whether they are good or bad) Clinton, Cruz, Kasich all of them only have female children and that has been a trend now since Clinton was President a generation ago.

    Cruz may be the lesser of the evils and would vote for him but I don’t see him as any kind of savior and not continue some of the serious problems that face the USA. Also that his wife such a career women this is another reason the USA is in trouble with low birth rates.

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