• I agree with Senator Cruz ..Guns is NOT the problem its Schools that were forced by the Government who allowed the Supreme Court to remove our Ten Commandments, the Bible and Prayer from our Schools and that should have never happened to our Schools nor any public Building first of all the Supreme Court are NOT authorized to make laws nor their opinion to deviate from any part of our Constitution to allow them to do alter any part of our Constitution is to wage war on the whole of it and that is waging war on this Great Christian founded nation .
    Understand that America was founded by God fearing Christians and for the Glory of God our LORD in fact this Great nation America has a Biblical Constitution it was sealed with these words “In The Year of Our Lord 1787” by the Christians writers who did Not write laws that conflicted with God’s Laws but rather reflected them.
    God is LORD of the Constitution of the United States of America and understanding this TRUTH how is it that the Supreme Court having no right to make laws was allowed to wage war on God of this nation; God is God of all 50 states FACT is each states Preamble proclaims and declares that Truth ..
    So how could the Supreme Court remove God from our Schools when God IS God of all fifty (50) states ?
    God can’t be removed from any local,state or government building ..
    The Supreme Court removed God from our Schools and yet you will see Moses holding the Ten Commandments at the top of the Supreme Court building and located inside on doors and in the Court Room and do not the Supreme Court Judges Proclaim (PRAY) “GOD SAVE THIS HONORABLE COURT? ” .. Though It hasn’t been honorable for years at least not since 1963 when they threw God out of the School room.

  • The commie’s closing statement where “my extreme left wing positions are not a political position” are right out of Stalinesque marketing. Chilling to listen to. Political positions are political, not “paradise”. Commies make paradise if hell is a spa.

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