Tel Aviv Hotel Jihad Stabbing Terror Attack Caught on Security Camera

The [Arab Muslim] terrorist from Shechem who stabbed 4 people in and around the Leonardo hotel in Tel Aviv received a special one-day permit as part of a “peace program” that takes [PLO Muslim] Arabs to Tel Aviv in order to “reduce tensions” between Arabs and Jews.

[The program doesn’t work because it’s created by mentally challenged idiots that have no common sense. Instead, they all get stabbed. How could you be any dumber? Islam is NOT a “religion of peace”. The only “tensions” between Arabs and Jews are that the Arabs want to exterminate the Jews.]

Part of the attack inside the hotel was caught on the hotel’s security camera.

The attack begins just after a minute into the video.

The start of the attack inside the hotel gift shop. You can see the weapon in the terrorist’s hand.

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