Thanks To Trump, The Senate Is Looking To Be A DISASTER For The GOP

Agree or disagree on Donald Trump, Republicans are hoping his disastrous run for President wouldn’t drag down the rest of the party with him. The Senate in particular will be the battle ground for the Supreme Court nomination next year.

The bad news is that it’s too late, and it seems likely that Trump is going to hand Democrats the Senate.

Amy Walter at the Cook Political Report says that “Senate Rs can no longer avoid the Trump undertow.” Cook now hasDemocrats gaining 5-7 seats. With the Senate currently split 54-46, 5 seats is enough to guarantee that Chuck Schumer will be the next majority leader, even if Donald Trump finds an improbable win.

RealClearPolitics also has bad news. Six Republican-held seats are toss-ups, and two lean toward the Democrats. So Republicans are projected to lose between 1 and 7 seats, with 4 being the most likely outcome. 4 seats would create a tie, and so Vice President Tim Kaine would break any ties to confirm appointments by President Hillary Clinton.

It’s time the GOP dumped Trump and worked on saving the Senate, if they really want to protect the Supreme Court.

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