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  • Where is Bernie Madoff headed?

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  • Chaim Ben Pesach shalom:

    I think that there is a way to help you make Aliyah to Eretz Yisroel.

    I am ready to write a letter on your behalf to the new President of the State, together with you or by myself.

    Please touch base via E-Mail. It will be my zchus to share such Mitzvah of לא יידח ממנו נדח.

    “ובאו האבדים מארץ אשור והנדחים מארץ מצרים”.


  • The Prime Minister Naftali Bennett holds executive power and not the President Reuven Rivlin who holds only ceremonial power.

    • The Interior Minister is responsible for letting people in to Israel but Chaim is listed by the Shin Bet and Mossad as ineligible. There is no way around that.

  • One of your best shows ever Chaim!

    And its a very interesting topic, even more so than your episode on Near death experiences like with that atheist politician who was evil. Too bad he didn’t quite see the light.

    Interesting you bring up sort of Jewish Purgatory. That’s a concept you don’t hear a lot of except for the Catholics. Also these days you don’t hear anything about how we need to go out into the world to make it better and not focus on wealth and so on.

    These days religious people and preachers, quite a lot of them schvartzas I might add always talk about prosperity gospel and then tell the poor to go sit on it. Creflo Dollar and Bishop Eddie drive around in Lamburghinis while their congregation scratches and survives in the hood and lives on food stamps.

    I wish I heard this years earlier. It would’ve made it better for me.

    I think you should do two programs like you used to. One could be on politics in Israel and America the other about Torah Judaism and beliefs and healthy eating ETC.

  • Kyle Prince how about Joel Osteen he us white and look at his riches? What did he do for the Houston people during the hurricane? Amd many others of all races. We can br critical without using racial slurs.

    • I didn’t use racial slurs. I was refering to current events. Yes! Olsteen and Baker are hypocrites and lets not forget pat Robertson who used 700 club funds to run diamond mining with African dictators. ANd Peter Popov

      Not only that PC pastors like Pastor Art Dean of Bangor Baptist church who kicked me out for supporting JTF and two other ministers one in North Carolina and another in Georgia who was a reconstructionist he didn’t like and Chuck Phelps of Trinity Baptist church In Concord! he’s the worst! Look it up! I don’t even want to talk about that pedophile pimp!

      Oh! About Art Dean, He made fun of Martin Luther King a lot and condemns Chaim and says he is a racist! He also had it for me for supporting a black minister in NC named Patrick L Wooden because he made homophobic slurs and got kicked of INSP for it.

      I tell ya! Its tragic! Sadly I found out chrsitianity is trite! Especially the protestant evangelicals which are totally distant from the early church.

  • Have you forgotten the jim and tammy baker scandal of the 80s? Thet were white.

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  • In the resurrection, are bald men temporarily bald for about an hour and then they grow full heads of hair?

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