• thank you for the video, will be sharing this to many sites, where so called conservatives support Trump just because he is loud and has money; people do not look in to the substance of this man. On Mark Levin’s show, last week, Mark gave Trump a lot of time to answer Mark’s questions; not once, did Trump tie anything he said to the U.S. Constitution. I especially love this video, because it is very frustrating when Trump invokes President Reagan; this video addressed that.

  • keep me posted, we need to find a way to unite against evil.

  • Go on to You Tube, and type in “David Letterman destroys Donald Trump”, and a video lasting only one minute and twenty-seven seconds will show Letterman outing Trump on his hypocrisy per the trade issue. -Bill Clausen-

  • Donald is a big phony. I never trusted him. It may all be a game to him, but children’s lives are at stake here. He is really beginning to irk me.

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