The “difference” between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism explained (illustration)

[Elder of Ziyon] – People still get confused between the terms anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, so I decided to list all the major differences between the two so no one will make that mistake again.

See? One of them is filled with crazed, deranged hate while the other is filled with insane, unhinged hate.

The differences are so obvious.


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  • What difference? Its all the same. Though I don’t care if the arabs get killed. They have it coming. They almost conquered Europe and the world and they follow a death cult founded by a mass murderer and pedophile. So those things about anti muslim bio weapons are more like good traits.

    And if Jews I mean real torah Jews really did control the news media and the USA, why do they always have the media slander Israel when it defends itself from Arabs? Why does America give away billions in aid to the turd world countries including arab countries that hate Israel and the US? Why does the US allow amelekite turd worlders to flood in en masse?

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