Toronto mosque: “O Allah! Give us victory over the disbelieving people…slay them one by one and spare not one of them”

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Canada is about to pass a resolution that will pave the way to the criminalization of “Islamophobia.” But about this, Canadian authorities have nothing to say.

“Supplications at Masjid Toronto Mosque: ‘Slay them one by one and spare not one of them,’” by Jonathan D. Halevi, CIJ News, February 18, 2017:

Masjid Toronto mosque in downtown Toronto is affiliated with the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC).

The mosque operates in two locations in downtown Toronto: Masjid Toronto at Dundas (168 Dundas St. West) and Masjid Toronto at Adelaide (84 Adelaide St. East).

Dr. Wael Shihab was appointed in April 2014 to a full-time resident Imam of the mosque Masjid Toronto.

Shihab has a PhD in Islamic Studies from Al-Azhar University and he was the head of the Fatwa (Islamic opinion) Unit of (English website) and the Shari’ah (Islamic Law) consultant of the Shari’ah department of

He is also a member of the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) headed by Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, who played a major role in launching both aforementioned websites.

The following are some of Shihab’s views as presented in articles and Islamic rulings posted on

  • The solution to the global violence, extremism and oppression is Islam
  • Qaradawi’s book “Jurisprudence of Jihad” should serves as a guidance to Muslims
  • Thieves’ hands should be chopped off no matter their social status
  • Person who underwent gender reassignment surgery should return to his original gender
  • Muslims should avoid gays as homosexuality is evil and succumbing to the temptations of the Satan
  • Wife should not reject her husband’s call for having sex

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In 2016, imams (religious leaders who lead the prayers) at the mosque recited supplications to Allah in support of the “mujahideen (those of engage in jihad) everywhere”, the total destruction of the enemies of Islam and the purification of Al-Aqsa Mosque from the “filth of the Jews.”

The following are excerpts from these supplications (originally in Arabic):

O Allah! We ask you… [to give us] victory over the enemies

O Allah! Raise the standing of Islam and the Muslims

O Allah! Give victory (help) to your oppressed slaves all over the world, east to west

O Allah! Give victory (help) to your slaves who believe in the oneness of Allah, O the Lord of the Worlds!

O Allah! Destroy the criminals

O Allah! Destroy anyone who inflicts injustice on your slaves, O the Lord of the Worlds!

O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them.

O Allah! Do not defer [it] on them

O Allah! Seize them with the seizure of One Mighty, Omnipotent [referring to a Quranic verse that deals with the punishment Allah inflicted on Pharaoh and his people]

The sermon was delivered on June 15, 2016 and published on YouTube on June 17, 2016.

[O Allah!] Give us victory over the disbelieving people…

O Allah! Give victory to Islam and raise the standing of the Muslims

And humiliate the polytheism and polytheists

O Allah! Give victory (help) to your slaves who believe in the oneness of Allah, O the Lord of the Worlds!

O Allah! Give them victory over the criminal people

O Allah! Destroy anyone who killed Muslims

O Allah! Destroy anyone who displaced the sons of the Muslims

O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them

O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews!

O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews!

The sermon was published on YouTube on July 4, 2016. According to Masjid Toronto YouTube channel: “Isha [night-time prayer] and 1st part of Taraweeh [special evening prayer in Ramadan] led by Br. Murshid, 2nd part of Taraweeh led by Dr. Mustafa Hannout, 3rd part of Taraweeh and Witr [night prayer] led by Br. Aymen Elkasrawy.” Dr. Mustafa Hannout is seen standing next to Aymen Elkasrawy when he was reciting the above supplication.


  • I think that Muslims in Canada together with the ulamas are doing a great job in propagating this beautiful Deenul-islam
    May Allah Rabbul Izzat except your efforts in Deen inshaAllah….
    Jazakumullah ahsanul-jazaa
    Brother in Allah.

    • So you think its beautiful to deprive people of their civil liberties and human rights all because they’re not part of your religion?

      And you are worried about Islamophobia?

      Yeah… it is a beautiful thing! Everytime you open your mouth you stick your foot in it!! Taqiyat doesn’t work on us anymore. Our eyes are open. If only more clerics like this Inshallah (God willing) said stuff like this there would be fewer and fewer animals like you. You’d be ducking for cover behind rocks.

  • Canada waves the white flag. Its a crime to quote koranic verses advocating genocide and social injustices (unless you’re a extremist cleric.) but not to call down anti-semitism or kill anyone who isn’t a muslim.

    I’m reminded of an incident that happened last month at a starbucks at the Puente Hills mall I was at. This mentally ill black homeless guy was wandering around ranting and saying things to people that didn’t make sense (the aliens are coming to get the white man, God will get even with us and his sister has a high IQ.)

    the staff did nothing about this. They informed me that they’re not allowed to unless he gets physical. An Asian guy who I discovered was a south Korean pastor came up and asked if he wanted some coffee, he said, “Yeah okay!” and he quieted down.

    He sat down with him and he talked about crap. GET THIS: He says that black people cannot be racist because of all the stuff that happened to them that it was all the white man’s fault he said he was homeless because of racism (not because he’s nuts and avoids soap and hot water.) He blabbed on and on about white people being cancer, being sub-human, about Jews and about other people and said that Mexicans and blacks are gonna gang up on whites.

    An older white man nearby got angry and yelled at him said he was a racist and he said, “no honky! I can’t be racist because of the suffering N**gas went through because of you racists! F** you!”

    He started cussing him out still, staff did nothing.

    Then the LA county sheriiff stepped in to get coffee and after settling in the table they noticed what was happening and walked up and told Khalid Sheik Abdullah to get out or go to jail. He got his suitcases and 99cent store bags and left muttering that we were all racists because we took offense to his rant. He yelled that when God comes back to earth he’d kill us all. He left, the cops went back to their coffee. Everyone clapped.

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